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    Support issues

    I'm getting frustrated with support from KH over the last few weeks. I have more frequent slow downs. Support will tell me it's mysql so it gets restarted. Then they tell me its bots. Then its not bots. Today it is apparently bots. What I know is that a month or two back, no issues. Lately, it's...
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    mysql 4 and mysql 5 on same VPS?

    According to, running two different versions is possible. I'm asking about this...
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    Ca vps ?

    Anyone else had some outage today? I had a pingdom alert earlier on - about 2 hours ago for an outage of about 10 minutes. Now my VPS is offline again, so far for half an hour.
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    24 CPU's yesterday, today 16 CPU's.

    Last couple of days have been weird. CPU load jumps over 2 in the morning, when visitors are low. At night, double visitors and CPU load is around .5 Yesterday via WHM, cpu load shows 24 CPU's. Today 16 CPU's. Yesterday and today, lfd failed. So I check the log, it has a non helpful message...
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    MySQL Enterprise Trial

    Anyone ever signed up and used MySQL Enterprise Trial on their VPS? Did it work and did you find it useful?
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    A couple of days ago I raised a support ticket and specifically mentioned the cpanel Server Load was high and that sites were timing out. The response was to do a traceroute and that cronjobs were checked and that server scheduled jobs may be impacting. Nothing on my sites has changed and...
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    network issues to CA?

    Hello I'm still at the old CA data center, until I feel brave enough to tackle the transfer to the new center (and it's a little annoying as I've only been with KH for a year and already being encouraged to move even though I understand why - network reliability is better). Over the last week...
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    IE8 impact on webhosts/servers.

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    Thanks KnownHost...

    I'd be one of the first to voice unhappiness when CA NOC fails us, I'd also like to say thanks to KH for some excellent support. Today I had issues installing a new SSL certificate, so I contacted support who resolved the issue within minutes, thanks KH! While on the topic, if you're after a...
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    CA DC issues again

    1 vlan206.inr-203-eva.Berkeley.EDU ( 2.398 ms 0.411 ms 0.326 ms 2 g3-1.inr-202-reccev.Berkeley.EDU ( 0.438 ms 0.307 ms 0.391 ms 3 ge-1-3-0.inr-002-reccev.Berkeley.EDU ( 0.503 ms 0.452 ms 0.391 ms 4 (
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    is KnownHost carbon neutral?

    :) just wondering if KH is carbon neutral and if not, is there any research on VPS that can indicate how an end user like myself can figure out how many trees I need to plant to offset the carbon emissions generated by running the VPS?
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    anyone experiencing CA issues at the moment?

    I've tried tracert from US and AUS and both are coming up with request timed out messages. Have submitted ticket but surely others are having same issue. Maybe time zone difference and you're all asleep! :)
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    QOS alerts on numproc, dgramrcvbuf

    numproc has been in the yellow and black zone over the last 2 days and dgramrcvbuf has hit the black zone once as well. In addition, users of the forum have reported the site to be slower than usual (which I've also noticed) and that there was a mysql database connection error earlier today...
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    Anyone know if Exim is built with the EXPERIMENTAL_DOMAINKEYS option by default?
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    creating new account via cpanel issue

    Hi I've created about 3 accounts via cpanel in the past, but yesterday and today when I attempt to create a new one, it tells me it has, but when I use the List Accounts link, only the existing accounts are shown. Have I forgotten something like some type of restart required before it shows...