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    Utilizing Google Apps Gmail for Domains

    As we know, email is one of the more space and resource hogging processes on any VPS. I run several small sites on my VPS and I found myself constantly trying to get my clients to keep the size of their mailboxes down. Not to mention the amount of stress that applications like spamassasin put...
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    Why did you choose DA?

    I'm just wondering... I know that DA isn't the most popular control panel out there. It probably isn't the most powerful. But it is lean and intuitive in my opinion. For me, it was years ago. A buddy turned me on to a cheap DA reseller account and I fell in love with the control panel...
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    Getting blocked by ATT for abuse

    Ok, So, today I noticed that my email to any ATT or sbcglobal email address gets bounced back immediately. There is a message in my inbox by the time I'm back to it from sending the email. with SBC I get a 553 error. With ATT I get a 550 and a message about being blocked for abuse. I only...
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    Anyone using custombuild?

    Is anyone here using custombuild with DA on their VPS? I'm considering giving it a shot.
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    Test Install?

    Ok, so I have been mostly managing my VPS using the web tools available to me. I would like to learn more about the command line and other such goodness. So, I decided that I will take one of the many older systems that I have lying around here and install CentOS. I may do this in a virtual...
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    Upgrading to PHP 5.x?

    So, with many scripts stopping their support for PHP 4.x, it has been announced that PHP 4.x will no longer be supported after this year. The end of life announcement can be found at: So my question is this... Is there an easy way to update my VPS with DA to PHP 5.x...
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    Optimze MySQL or use a PHP accelerator?

    I have a few database driven sites running on my VPS and have noticed that some pages take a few seconds to load. One of the problem childs is Gallery2. The other is actually SquirrelMail. My server load is pretty low, and I just upgraded from Mtx to Ltx and that didn't really help the...
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    Download Virtuozzo Backups?

    Is there any way to download the Virtuozzo Backups either in part or in full? I have a user who deleted some emails and I was going to see about possibly retrieving them. I have backups, but I overwrite them each time and it may not go back far enough. I'm just wondering, I understand if it...
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    Suggested Books?

    Does anyone have any book suggestions for setting up and maintaining a VPS? I'm still new to this... Everything is working fine, and for the most part I leave it alone. However, I would really like to start learning about the command line and how to operate the system in general. Any...
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    Restart Spamd?

    Hey all... I know this is a complete n00b question, but then... I'm a complete n00b. :) I've managed to install SpamAssassin. I've even started working on using the autolearn function and I'm editing some custom rulesets. However, in order to take advantage of my changes, I need to restart...
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    SSL for DA and Squirrelmail?

    I know that my last reseller host had SSL enabled for the DA login. I'm not sure how secure that made it, but it made me feel a little better. :) Is there a way that I can enable SSL for my DA Control Panel as well as the Squirrelmail login? I have a Mtx VPS. On that, I have set up a...
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    Plans to offer Installatron?

    So far, I've been testing a VPS for the last couple of weeks with DA, and I have been very pleased up to this point. I'm currently working on consolidating a couple of reseller accounts that I have. One question... Are there any plans to offer Installatron with the DA control panel in the...
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    Second IP not showing in DA Panel?

    Ok, I'm brand new to VPS moving over from a couple of reseller accounts with DA. I've gotten everything pretty much working, and have moved one of my reseller accounts over. I was assigned two IP addresses with my plan. The first is working great and shows up in DA as being assigned to...