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    13 Year Anniversary!

    I forgot to post on the day, but back on 7/2 was my 13 year anniversary with KnownHost! I am hard pressed to think of another vendor (hosting or otherwise) that I have been pleased with enough to stay with them for that amount of time. In the last year or so I have converted over to SSD (I think...
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    cPanel Backups to Amazon Drive (not S3)

    Has anyone done this, and if so any info. would be appreciated.
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    Let's Encrypt

    Sounds interesting. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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    Large Number of Failed Login Attempts

    I normally get 3 to 4 of these emails a day. The last couple of days however, I have seen a huge uptick in my server being bombarded with these. Anyone else dealing with this or is it just me? They say they are from all over the globe, but my guess is they are originating from the same place and...
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    Dedicated Plan Specs

    Just noticed this so thought I would bring it to your attention. The specs here: aren't quite in sync with what comes up in the grid window if you select Compare Dedicated Servers.
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    7 Year Anniversary

    Been with KnownHost 7 years today. Just thought I'd take a few minutes to post about my experiences. Best host I have ever had in terms of uptime and support. I was a little concerned about no phone support number when I joined, but what makes email/ticket support work is response and resolution...
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    NJ Data Center

    Hi, I noticed you now offer NJ as an option for data centers and was wondering if you could provide another IP for test. It appears that the one on the network page is the same as the one for the CA data center. Also looks like the NJ option on the order page is not working. Particularly for...
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    Modernbill Poll

    I thought it would be good to see how many KH customers would be interested in purchasing Modernbill from KH. This was discussed a long while back and I know KH has grown quite a bit since then so I thought this might give them some valuable insight into whether it would be worthwhile from a...
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    Do Jay and Joel still work at KH? I sent a fairly detailed email to Jay about a week ago and never heard back. Forwarded it to Joel last night. Thanks.
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    Additional IP addresses

    This came up in another area but seemed as though this was the appropriate place for it, so I would like to suggest that KH consider, as they continue to update/upgrade their service offerings to clients, providing 3-4 IP addresses with every VPS account purchased, and a minimum of 4 with Hybrid...