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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts? Has KnownHost given any thoughts or played out any "what ifs" or is it still too early?
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    Plesk 9.0

    Any known issues? Should we hold off?
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    ColdFusion 8

    Not sure if I should have posted here or in another forum. I've been a customer for over a year, and am absolutely happy. My question is a pre-sales question though as I am in need of a ColdFusion server. I know CF is a resource hog which is why I'm thinking of upgrading to one of the big...
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    Why did you choose Plesk?

    This was my first VPS, I've been with knownhost for over a year. Choosing plesk for me was just a luck of the draw I guess. I've been looking into cPanel and it seems (in my opinion) to be the better control panel. So I'm looking to those with more experience/knowledge/etc. why did you...