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  1. Dan

    Unable to obtain exim queue length within 30 seconds - Timed out

    Hi knowhostfan! I have not found much information on this issue other than it may be sent out at times of high server load. Is this by chance being sent when your server is running upcp/backups? Even if it is I didn't find anything in the way of a solution in my research, only that it happens...
  2. Dan

    whm backup is giving me a lot of trouble

    hi knowhostfan! In WHM go to Server Configuration | Configure cPanel Cron Jobs There should be a section for Command: backup and in there is where you can change the time. There is also a section for Command: cpbackup which is for the legacy cPanel backup system and you should avoid using...
  3. Dan

    13 Year Anniversary!

    That's an amazing amount of time to be with the same host, congratulations Skyview! They're the first host that I've been with for any length of time that hasn't sold out and had everything spiral downward as well! Thanks Knownhost and everyone who makes it what it is!
  4. Dan

    cPanel's new pricing structure?

    I suppose I could be mistaken but I thought that this comment by Jonathan set the issue to rest...
  5. Dan

    Something going on with the forum?

    Hi Daniel! That fixed it, everything's good now! Was strange because I could see my original post here but not your replies. All good now though :D Thanks!
  6. Dan

    Something going on with the forum?

    Is something going on with the forum? My unread thread indication is way off. The logged in indicator says 'Log in' instead of my name but when clicked pops up and says 'Oops, we ran into a problem!'. I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and both have the same thing. I figured I'd give it a day but...
  7. Dan

    Avid movie watchers?

    I'm pretty sure that everyone walked out of Endgame feeling that way. It's very sad to see heroes die especially when we've watched them develop for so long. Other than that I thought that the movie was very well done and I really enjoyed some of the backstory that they gave.
  8. Dan

    Bluehost Transfer

    ROFL New company motto Jonathan?
  9. Dan

    Avid movie watchers?

    Oh yes! On opening night lol We thought it was excellent and hardly even noticed that it was 3 hours long!
  10. Dan

    Dummy Question about Firewall Log Activity

    Hey there SudsMixer! I have Mod-security log to a file rather than to the SQL database myself but in your WHM you'll find PHPMyAdmin, once you go in there locate the Mod-security database and just export it. There's actually more to it than just the Mod-security logs though. There's also...
  11. Dan

    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    Hi Jean! No worries and thanks for the info! It's appreciated! Hi RileyA! Thanks for that, I'll take a look at Namsilo!
  12. Dan

    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    Hi Jean! Sounds to me like you are using DNSSEC at namecheap but that they are hosting your DNS too. It's very interesting that it needs to be re-signed after every zone edit. Do you need to update the public or private keys somewhere after making an edit and re-signing the zone? Thanks!
  13. Dan

    Nameservers not resolving, and whm / cpanel login not accepting SSL

    Hi SudsMixer! I see that your domain now resolves to your VPS! :D I also see that you have things configured so your DNS is at Google. Looks like your MX records are good as well as they all point to Google servers. So if that was your objective it would appear as though you're there! ;) I...
  14. Dan

    Nameservers not resolving, and whm / cpanel login not accepting SSL

    Hello again SudsMixer! I asked the question about DNSSEC and did got confirmation that unless we're on a Cloud VPS or dedicated server we can't use PowerDNS which means we can't use DNSSEC. Unless you want to leave your DNS hosted at Google, then of course you could! Hope that helps!
  15. Dan

    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    Hi Jonathan! I thought that might be the case and unless I want to host my DNS externally (which I don't really want to do) whether or not Namecheap supports DNSSEC becomes a moot point :) However that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested from hearing from people who are doing it! Thanks...
  16. Dan

    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    Hey there! The default resolv.conf file supplied by KH includes the localhost ( which prevents us from changing to PowerDNS if we want to enable DNSSEC. Is the localhost reference needed or can it be changed? If it's changed is it going to revert on a reboot? I read in a previous...
  17. Dan

    Nameservers not resolving, and whm / cpanel login not accepting SSL

    Hi SudsMixer and welcome to KH! :D You say that your host name resolves yet I am unable to resolve the domain name listed in your DNS report by doing an NSlookup or even just trying to bring it up in a browser. I do see with Whois that your nameservers are listed at your registrar and they do...
  18. Dan

    SSL For free?

    Hi kyliewong, Yes that would be correct, as @KH-Jonathan said you can use Comodo or LetsEncrypt in the AutoSSL applet of WHM. Hope that helps!
  19. Dan

    New client’s questions

    Welcome to KH MaxSP!
  20. Dan

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone at Knownhost and here on the forums! Here's to another great year!