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    Multiple domains on VPS

    I'm trying to understand the basic concept of how to run two domains on my VPS. My present situation is that I have one domain running. I've recently purchased another domain name which I probably will run later on my VPS. I'm not a reseller but looking only to run two domains from my VPS...
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    php.ini and allow_url_fopen

    I'm playing around with some new software on my site that requires "allow_url_fopen=on". However, I've disabled this in my php configuration settings in WHM by setting "allow_url_fopen=off". I'm aware that on some servers one can override that by placing a php.ini file in each subfolder...
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    DNS zone confusion revisited

    My website has been setup and running for almost 3 months now. I have only my own website in my VPS account and am not a reseller. I can't see any problems with it so far even though at the beginning I had difficulty with my DNS zone stuff that got messed up when I did a software upgrade on...
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    Change my Nameservers with Yahoo Domain

    OK I gotta question about changing my primary and secondary nameservers with my registrar, who happens to be Yahoo Domains. I've just gotten a VPS account. My email from KnownHost says: You need to create the following name servers at your registrar: using IP
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    Nameservers, DNS, and confusion

    OK, I did well most of the day with my new VPS account with cPanel/WHM: 1. Created one package and one account - I will only run one website on my VPS (I'm not a reseller). 2. Downloaded PuTTY so I could login directly to server without cPanel when needed. 3, Installed and configured csf+lfd...
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    Website setup

    I'm moving my website from a hosting environment to the new VPS account I just had setup with KnownHost. I have cPanel installed, which is nothing like the cPanel on my shared hosting server where I'm coming from. I am fluent in several coding languages and pretty good with building a website...