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    Firewal settings in virtuozzo

    Hi, I've been running my site for about 2yrs here, and have just had a need to add a firewall rule to allow FTP. I've just logged onto virtuozza (1st time in a year and a half) only to find it's been upgraded, and the firewall rules have all "vanished". I'm a bit reluctant to go and add a new...
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    Sporadic huge performance problems

    Hi, I've got a VPS Ltx server that has been running a website that generally uses about 5GB traffic per month, so nothing huge, but not insignificant - there are typically always users online. Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that there will be some times that the site is unusable - it...
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    PayPal -> credit card or PP subscription

    Hi, I currently have a VPS and pay with paypal, which means I have to click the link in the email from KH once a month - easy to forget! Is there a way of either having a paypal subscription so it takes the money from paypal once a month, or from a credit card - without me having to do...
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    SSH start speed

    Hi, I've just signed up for a VPS, L-plan and everything is going very well, except it takes at least ten seconds for me to SSH from my home computer to it - I don't have this issue with SSH'ing into other places - is this a normal duration for knownhost VPSes, or is there something I could do...