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    phpmyadmin database export

    It's a known bug in phpmyadmin. I've been anxiously awaiting it to be fixed but it hasn't to-date. Make sure your cpanel is set to auto-update so you receive the earliest update.
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    Excessive processes running under user ...

    I had something similar to this happen just the other day! I contacted Knownhost support to look into it, and they stated their was a spike in traffic to one of the sites. Because I didn't notice it right away, it was too late to dig into the logs to confirm whether this was a rogue bot or...
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    PHP: mysql() is being deprecated, fix your codes!

    If you code your own scripts, be prepared: php is deprecating mysql() - deprecation notices will start to show in 5.5 I just spent the past few days updating some sites and although it's a time-consuming pain in the butt, it's extremely easy. Even easier if you had the forethought to use...
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    Migration, Security and Optimization

    Well, 24 CPU to me sound way faster than 8+ (8 probably being the standard, else it would be 9+ or 10+ right?) I can't explain this in technical terms because I know little about hardware, all I can do is speak for the speed differences.
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    Migration, Security and Optimization

    Yes, absolutely!!
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    Feeling dumb - How do I set up email?

    If you set your domains up in WHM it auto-creates for the mail subdomain. try that. Secure incoming server port 465 secure outgoing server port 965 Make sure these ports are allow via your firewall, too.
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    A few best practice questions.

    Correct. You can still manage the VPS root by visiting (whm) and the site itself, at (cpanel) The hostname of my VPS is currently and the site runs flawlessly on You can also create
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    A few best practice questions.

    You can add subdomains for easily via cpanel. I've never used off-site DNS so I can't comment on that, currently my DNS is all on the VPS I have with Knownhost.
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    A few best practice questions.

    If you have multiple sites on your server, it's good to utilize separate IPs that way (when sending email) - so when other sites on my server send mail, receiving mail servers aren't deciphering my content with theirs. Less chance of me hitting a blacklist if they upset too many recipients...
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    Using site ssl cert for VPS management interfaces

    I've been down that road. :) Always a good idea to make backups of the keys every step of the way.
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    Dedicated Database Server on Secondary IP

    If I'm understanding correctly what you're trying to do... sounds like remote access. Try this: If both IPs are on the same server, then you just use 'localhost' in your scripts and don't need to fiddle with any of the remote...
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    Using site ssl cert for VPS management interfaces

    Dave, Namecheap was the SSL company I've worked with in years past that didn't send a proper renewal notice. They billed me for the renewal, yet offered no help how to get a renewed cert onto the site. Even when I politely explained I had no clue what I was doing, I was more or less told I was...
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    Using site ssl cert for VPS management interfaces

    Have to agree with Dave, I've heard similar reviews of the bigger SSL companies. Plus, I was with one of the bigger companies for my first SSL and I got newsletters throughout the year and whatnot.... everything except the email telling me my SSL was expiring and how to renew! For a noob, that...
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    Using site ssl cert for VPS management interfaces

    If you're referring to webmail, admin panel, etc. you can use self-signed certificates for that. They are no less secure than 'browser-recognized' certificates, except, unless you whitelist them you'll always get the "potentially insecure" notice. With that said, if it's just you and your...
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    Give Debbie a raise!

    Debbie handled my transition from VPS-2 to SSD-1, no complaints here! :)