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    How to block an email

    Have you tried Filter settings instead of block?
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    A query on DNS: Should I use custom name servers (KnownHost) or go for Cloudfare or Google

    The only issue I noticed when using custom nameserver like is that if the VPS goes down, e-mails may result to hard bounce with some email providers. This is a non-issue if you use a third-party DNS provider like Cloudflare, Namecheap or GoogleDomain.
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    Feedback email from Knownhost

    That domain looks suspicious. Maybe no need to rely on third party and use your own domain.
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    Meaning you will allow at least 72 hours before removing the old server at no additional cost from the start of the migration to DirectAdmin to ensure DNS propagation?
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    If your recommended method of migration to DirectAdmin requires an IP address change, then aren't we going to have a downtime due to the 72 hours propagation period because of the new IP address?
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    KnownHost wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas of 2018!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Will there be a Knownhost Santa 2019 for legacy VPS customers?
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    Support Feature Request - Search Tickets

    I use email search as a workaround for this since support tickets notifications are also sent via email.
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    .htaccess file

    I see that you're using Options +FollowSymlinks. I was also using "Options +FollowSymlinks" in my .htaccess before. But someone in webmasterworld told me that in these modern times, using that is no longer necessary? Can someone confirm truth on that?
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    Email issues and no resolution

    I didn't notice defects in sending/receiving using my email client. I'm not aware of changes made by KH yesterday. What SSL/TLS settings did KH decided to change?
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    Questions from a new client

    As far as I know even though there are two nameservers, they're located on the exact same server (no redundancy). What would therefore be the advantage of having separate IPs for each nameservers ?
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    Yes, I was referring to the one shown on the links below: The Cloud VPS did not have the word "WHM" on its description as opposed to the regular SSD page. That's where I got puzzled , so...
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    I'm trying to study the difference between the regular VPS and Cloud VPS. On your website description, it states that cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin is included for the regular VPS plans. On the other hand, only cPanel or DirectAdmin is included for the Cloud VPS plans. Meaning to say WHM is not...
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    Shared Cloud Hosting

    Will you offer mailing list feature in your shared hosting platform, similar to those offered by other shared hosts?
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    Is it OK to disable Name Service Cache Daemon if one is using Cloudflare DNS ?
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    I also do not have cpanelsolr despite being in v68