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    vps- optimized? need more resource? yeah.

    It's the AWS era and RAM is cheap as SSD it's too. "I have stated that my VPS never was optimized in the provisioning." It doesn't matter as it already "suck" in a beatifull way. I said that after years of being with KH... I never have a "recommendation" or advice as part of their "managed"...
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    webmail loading too slow

    Next time, I suggest you use Tor-browser (kind of being outside of any network) :eek: yo Dan, what a horrible "reply" with no probe. plz.
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    VPS need more RAM - yes that cheap ram

    Why do VPS are so low in resource? I've been with KH for ages! as a matter of fact. You changed your cpu description (equal share) to hide/confuse. haha!. RAM - did you realize it's way too cheap now? why dont have 3Gbmin? HDD? -- uhmm.. it's way too cheaper too. In a 5-7 years Ive seen your...