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    upcoming daylight savings time change

    Hi, all. I was just wondering if there's anything we should do on our VPSs to prepare for the change in DST rules? Does CentOS already have an update for that?
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    eAccelorator problems

    Check your php.ini files to see if eaccelerator is mentioned somewhere. There should be an entry like zend_extension="/usr/lib/php4/" or extension=""
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    DNS Question regarding DNS Report

    You can you whatever you used to set up your dns server (webmin?). Or, you can manually edit the file in /var/named/
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    DNS Question regarding DNS Report

    Looks like you don't have an A record for your ns2 nameserver. Make sure that your DNS configuration has both of these two lines: IN A IN A
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    Subversion on CentOS VPH

    I have subversion + svn_mod_dav on CentOS working. I don't think that our installation of CentOS is configured for SELinux, so the "chcon" command might not be necessary. Looks like something wrong with your httpd.conf file. Here's the relevant part of mine for reference: <Location /svn>...
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    Making my IP address resolve to my hostname

    Looks like you want to set up reverse dns. Knownhost support can do it for you, I believe.
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    yum is offering to upgrade kernel

    Hi, I recently enabled the CentOS extras repository and there is a kernel upgrade available. Since Virtuozzo utilizes a shared kernel, what impact will allowing this upgrade have?
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    Checking memory usage

    So is the amount of memory currently being used by all my processes equal to the "currently use" column of privvmpages or oomguarpages?
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    Checking memory usage

    How can I check how much memory my VPS is using?