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    Upgrade this forum to vBulletin 4

    Well there is no real reason to upgrade, vb4 ain't as good as vb3 yet to be honest. If it ain't broken, don't fix it :)
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    How to backup your VPS

    Yes hourly/daily/weekly/monthly it depends on the cron job you set it too. I've personally put it to RSync everyday in early morning :)
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    How to backup your VPS

    Buy a package from bqbackup. Once paid and verified, you will get a set of instructions and your login details. If you are comfortable with shell commands you can do it on your own. If not just open a support ticket with KH, provide them the details and they will set it up for you. You may...
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    How to backup your VPS

    Yes they do provide backups, but its always good to have your own backups too :cool: Better safe then sorry. You can ask the support for the backups if required (I maybe wrong here, but once when i wanted to rollback after a botched up updated by me. I just opened a support ticket)
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    How to backup your VPS

    I use Rsync provided by bqbackup :) works like a charm.
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Nice, Loving the upgrades :) Thanks KH