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    Can't connect to mysql using ssh tunnel

    I'm just getting a "Lost connection to MySql server at 'reading initial communication packet',. system error:0" But if you try to connect again to the same DB, I get "cant connect to MySql server on 'localhost' (10061)." Eventually the first error comes back. I'm sure these connections used to...
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    Can't connect to mysql using ssh tunnel

    This is going to be something stupid, but I've wasted way too much time on this. On my VPS, it seems I can no longer connect to mysql using the account's username. I know I used to be able to do this, and I can still do this on my dedicated. But for the life of me I can't get it to work...
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    KH delivers as usual. I'm unclear, though, how does the KVM SSD Cloud product differ from a standard SSD VPS? Seems pretty similar to me. Does "KVM" refer to "keyboard/video/mouse"? i.e. you'll have full console control without an OS installed?
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    IPV6 ping and traceroute fail for all IPs

    I'm having some issues and I *think* i've traced it down to some IPv6 issues. I've been trying to use ping and traceroute to test these issues, but can't seem to do either on any v6 addresses even though I have v6 interfaces. Should I be able to? I can ping6 my local IPV6 address, but...
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    Repartitioning second drive

    I have an SSD dedicated with a second 1TB drive. The second drive I use for backup storage (before it goes to S3) and for dev sites as to not fill the smaller SSD. I originally made a 48GB partition for backups and the rest of the 1TB is mounted as /home2. 48GB for backups is no longer enough...
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    Dirty Cow on my CentOS 7 VPS?

    what about dedicated?
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    Don't require root password just to look into a ticket

    Any update on using public key access? I leave root password login enabled for you guys...
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    Packet loss TX

    Not sure why I forgot to do a tracert. It's back up. Been there done that on the IPs are whitelisted. Our PA location couldn't access, and neither could "down for everyone or just me". Load history is normal so it wasn't the server locked up. <shrug> I'll keep an eye on...
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    Packet loss TX

    I can reach my VPS, but thats a west coast VPS.
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    Packet loss TX

    Unreachable from multiple locations across the country.
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    Packet loss TX

    I've had very high packet loss for the past 12+ minutes. Dedicated is unreachable.
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    Any KH customer want a couple of hosting clients?

    Haha, yeah you were the first one I thought about actually. I checked out the website linked in your profile but didn't see hosting so I didn't think you did that. To expand on the accounts in case anyone is interested.. they are: Two personal resume sites (wordpress, basically zero traffic)...
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    Any KH customer want a couple of hosting clients?

    If this isn't appropriate, mods, please delete. I host a few small websites (wordpress, etc) and it's not worth my time at this scale. I have a more than full time job and hosting didn't make enough to cover the cost of the accountant so I'm trying to shut down that company. I'll be keeping my...
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    Backup options

    From my notes.. Get a copy of the backup file off amazon: s3cmd get s3:// account.tar.gz You could then (i think) restore the backup from cpanel. I've never done that, but I have untarred it and restored specific files out of it.