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    cpsrvd failed

    Hi Thought I'd ask in here first before bothering one of the techies :). I restarted our VPS as we were having one or two connection problems with the forum and everything seemed to go fine. I checked the server status and it is now showing cpsrvd failed with the red warning light ... but...
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    DNS Reset Turnaround?

    I have the same error when I checked mine, is it to do with recently migrating from another host and changing records with your domain registrar? I changed the records Saturday evening and the transfer was quick but perhaps it does take a little while for DNS things to catch up, as initially...
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    Disappointed and deflated :(

    Thanks for the encouragement :) . It has been an enormous learning curve the last few days and, with my full time job as well, I must have put in about 70 hours the last week (including research and testing). Responses to tickets have been swift and if whatever I've asked is beyond support's...
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    Disappointed and deflated :(

    Ah, but there's the rub, my boss wouldn't pay over $50/mo and although my IT skills haven't been tested by setting up or managing servers of any description, I had managed to a few bits and pieces over on the shared host, like install SMF and transfer our old forum over to it (already very large...
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    Disappointed and deflated :(

    Thank you Joel for your reply, I didn't realise you had moved this thread and replied to it (there was no email notification). Fair point, khiltd, but when you incorrectly have the impression you're just taking the trainer wheels off your bike, to use your analogy ;) , rather than take over...
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    Disappointed and deflated :(

    Well, despite the encouraging pre-sales and testimonials online, I don't know whether our company will be staying with knownhost ... and this is only after 24 hours :(. I explained to sales that I was a complete newbie, only been on shared hosting with our site that is now too large for shared...