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    VMWare Server

    Hey all Has anyone installed VMWare server on a VPS? If so anything I need to consider? I have it installed on a test box in the office with no issues on FC6, I need it to run Mindtouch Deki Wiki - Bit different doing...
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    connectivity problem

    yep we are seeing problems getting to our VPS in Texas and California. Lucky for us its 10pm in Australia. I know the guys will be straight onto it.
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    Yep I use it. From memory it was a Fantastico install - quick and easy.
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    The start of many... Here comes the start of many replies from existing customers i'm sure. I have 2 VPS with KH and I think "impressive" sums it up nicely. Always prompt with support calls. Always willings to explain things in simple terms. Always quick to apply tweaks and upgrades...
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    Change to packages ...

    Hey all, I had defined some hosting packages and for each new customer assign them the package they paid for. I need now to tweak one of the packages to change the number of add-on domains. I assume its ok to just go ahead and change the details in "edit package" then save and it will...
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    awstats ?

    Hello, Does awstats come with WHM/cPanel VPS ? When I check "Stats Log Configuration" it mentions awstats long with webalizer and and analog but they all have a red cross. When I check in "Web/FTP Stats" webalizer is there bit no awstats. Also, I have a couple of hosting customers asking...
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    Knownhost's VPS Security?

    Both my VPS' are cPanel/WHM - should I be doing what is suggested in points 4, 5 and 6 ? Also, can you provide a short summary on each, what they do and how to install them. Thanks
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    Any OpenSource Email Marketing Software ?

    G'day all, I am trying to find some open source email marketing software. We have a client list we can load into a DB and need to use template(s) to send regular mails to our clients and of course the yearly happy holiday email. Anyone recommend anything ? By the way. THANKS KnownHost for...
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    register_globals On for one virtual host only

    Hello all, Is there a way to set register_globals on for just one virtual host ? I read somewhere that I could do this in httpd.conf inside <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> <directory> php_flag register_globals 1 </directory> But it didnt seem to work. Got this error on a config test...
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    Second Site On VPS Needs SSL

    Hello all, I just wanted to check that I am doing/thinking the right thing. My VPS comes with 2 IPs, there is already an SSL cert installed on a subdomain linked to one of these IP addresses. I now need an SSL for another domain which is currently under the shared IP on this VPS. Do I...
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    Email List Suggestion Please

    G'day all, I need to find some good (free or very cheap) software to allow email subscription to a clients website. They need to capture the emails for later email marketing (when their site and business is in full flow). Can anyone suggest anything good and easy to use. Need to have the...
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    an idea so we can communicate during such a massive network outage...

    Yep all good ideas, plus also maybe some kind of broadcast email as a heads-up that something is going on. As usual the KH support was excellent yesterday, even finding time to reply to my support ticket when the network allowed :-)
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    Transferring Accounts From Other Hosting

    Hello, I currently have clients who have accounts on a shared server that I am a reseller for. The clients all have cPanel, I have no access to WHM, my reseller has that, I just sell the accounts for them. I would like to start moving these clients across to my own VPS in the near future to...
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    Move in and setup.

    Fuge, Thats great advice, especially for new VPS owners like me. Can you expand on the following: 2. Turn on MySQL query caching - What are the benefits of this and how do you do it ? 3. Install PHP caching (eAccelerator or APC) - What are the benefits of this and how do you do it ? 5...
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    How to integrate/automate signups with cPanel accounts ?

    Hello, Is there any easy to use software that I can integrate into my website that will allow me to take a customer signup via my webpage, automatically take a credit card payment, register a domain and create a cPanel account all in one go. I can see from WHM that I can create "Packages" to...