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    privvmpages help needed

    Thanks ppc! However, I enter that command and nothing happens. Am I being dense? This is completely possible!
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    privvmpages help needed

    OK did this once before using Putty and want to use it again but I forgot the command... cause right now it tells me invalid command. So can someone refresh my memory on how to pull the privvmpages using Putty. thanks! R
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    htaccess / htpasswd protection

    On my account I was able to protect certain directories using the htaccess / htpasswd method but when I try to do the exact same thing for my account I get 404 error message. Is there some server configuration which needs to be set in order to...
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    Curious as to how I can turn register_globals = off with a shared account? It is off by default on my two VPS accounts. Thanks!
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    What do you use your VPS for?

    Yeah yeah yeah... I geuss I was bound to have this happen sooner or later. I am sure I am not the first or last person to do so.... besides... I can setup a redirect for all those people who like to add an 'e' to words. Like that moron Quayle! Or wait did he not add the 'e'? Who cares he is a...
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    What do you use your VPS for?

    OH SNAP! Damn me and no coffee trying to do what my wife asks for the first time in history right when she asks it. OK so how can I fix this if possible? Need to remove the 'e'! Damn this sucks.
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    What do you use your VPS for?

    I basically have my two forums on VPS because of the reliability. Neither of them are big enough to warrant a VPS but when you go through what I went through with Bluehost you will pay whatever it takes for piece of mind. Plus the intention is to grow the forums into "Big-Boards" status...
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    Anyone watch NBA?

    I pay no attention to the "Association." The Mavericks have once again proven to me that basketball sucks.