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    How to migrate to CentOS 5.x

    I was told that only way to upgrade is to purchase a new account and then move all your stuff then close your first account
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    VMWare Server

    Why does it have to run in vmware? Because the software you are looking for support multiple OS and all vmware does for you is allow you to run multiple os on the same hardware at the same time. I think you would be able to run the wiki software without vmware.
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    Ssh & Mac

    Are you running SSH on a standard port? Because by default KH does not run SSH on a standard port. You will need to do ssh -p # user@domain to be able to login. I connect just find from my IMac with Leopard on it.
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    Kernal Update

    I just noticed that you did a kernal update. Does this update get applied to our VPS Accounts or do we need to do something on our end to get this kernal update. I do yum update once a week, and I was just wanting to make sure that I am keeping my VPS as secure as possiable.