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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Looks good guys, thank you!
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    Domain pointing to wrong SSL

    Thanks David, it's resolved itself so it must have been a caching issue. It was just a bit strange as the site was working properly until I installed the second cert. Thanks for the reply
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    Domain pointing to wrong SSL

    I installed a new ssl for a domain that was very similar to an existing, and switched the new to the dedicated IP within WHM. However, since doing so, whenever I go to the original domain, the server serves the SSL cert for the second domain. (In this case, going to serves the...
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    Google Domains

    Now they need to get on their backend desing :D
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    Google Domains

    I had no idea NC was working on a redesign. To say their current is an eyesore is an understatement.
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    These new TLDs...

    I'll admit, I did pick up a couple of novelty TLD's directly related to the type of site they are. They'll not replace the .com TLD for those sites, but it's a nice novelty that was cheap.