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    Automated backups of selected databases and folders

    Thanks for the reply and links Dan I should probably have written free software rather than software on the server, thankfully your reply has given me the extra information and I think that using RSync is probably what I am looking for. I’ll do some Google searches on its usage and see...
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    Automated backups of selected databases and folders

    I have had a look in the tutorials section above but the threads there seem to deal with BQbackup or Amazon S3 and besides that don't mention database dumps and backup rotation. If I have missed one with information in there applicable to my query then I apologise in advance and hope you'll...
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    Modifying httpd.conf Settings

    Since the problem seems to be the amount of bots that are spidering your sites at the same time why not slow them down a little to ease the load. I believe this can be done through robots.txt file by adding something like... Crawl-delay: xx Where xx is seconds delay between crawls. ]...