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    Anyone Here Use Xenforo On Your KnownHost Server?

    You're not the only one...
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    Colo4Dallas Outage lesson

    If your content is static, cloudflare might help. They provide a cache of your website when the server is offline.
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    Changes in VPS backups management

    Is the original post here still accurate? Are backups still stored on a separate physical machine from my server?
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    What can I say Mike, they've been good to me.
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    I was using one of the old style xxl vps packages. It did me well for a long time, but activity has steadily been increasing, and so have my resource requirements. I'm running vbulletin, a couple blogs, and a dozen or so cubecart stores.
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    I just made the move to hybrid.... man what a difference it is. I wish I hadn't put it off for so long.
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    Do you use vbulletin?

    KH is great for vbulletin. Stop thinking about it, and just do it.... you'll thank us all later.
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    Offsite backups

    I just became a memebr of one of the more popular offsite backup places. My first ticket has been 8 hours, and hasn't had a response. I really hate having to deal with anyone other than KH. Every time I do, it's just a disappointment. Guys, please reconsider this. There must be some old out of...
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    [OLD]Simple Backup script using cPanel's backup script and BQbackups

    Perfect. Sounds like this is a much better than backing up with rsync. With this method, the backup server could be much smaller. Considering this is more than likely gonna be a "last resort backup", this would make a lot of sense. It sounds like Bqbackup is the preferred name around here...
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    [OLD]Simple Backup script using cPanel's backup script and BQbackups

    With a backup of this nature, can you hand select individual files to restore, or is it an all or nothing type thing?
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    [OLD]Simple Backup script using cPanel's backup script and BQbackups

    When storing a backup like this, as opposed to rsync what exactly can be restored. Does this include all files and databases? Sounds like this covers pretty much everything, and leaves no need for rsync.
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    A quick introduction

    Glad you guys found your way over :) It's nice when things work like they're supposed to isn't it?
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    Time for a new DC in CA?

    Well... It just happened again. I love the communication with you guys, but this much downtime is unacceptable.