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    No more non SSD managed VPS email what does this mean for me?

    Currently I have what I guess as called the VPS-2 plan and I got the email about now only having managed SSD vps plans, what does this mean for my account, I see that the prices for the MVPS-2 (which I can't remember my specs as to if that is the comperable one) appear to be higher then I am...
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    Anyone using lets encrypt for free SSL?

    If so how easy was it to implement and do you have a link to any instructions, for cpanel or other? My VPS is CentOS 7 currently.
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    Quesion about primary domain

    not sure if I worded the topic correct but basically this is my question Right now I have a VPS account and it was set up under (not really my domain) so I have various websites hosted on the account. My original site isn't really relevant anymore and rather then...
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    Any way to monitor server at specific time?

    Thanks, yea when I am able to get to the server (sometimes I can't even ssh into it) I have run top and dont see anything out of the ordinary just top itself usually being the most cpu intensive process at the time. I'll submit a support ticket to see if they can take a look at it, thanks.
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    Is there a way to know which server I'm on? I think I may be on 24 as well based on past outages and seeing in status which server was having a problem. I see a very similar thing happen on mine especially at certain times of the day. I also don't get a ton of traffic abd will see it jump...
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    Any way to monitor server at specific time?

    It seems that every day at about 6 - 8 am my time, my server load skyrockets and is almost impossible to access. I do have sql dumps going on as a backup of my database but that appears to finish at night about 4am my time. Is there anything I can run on the server to help me try and figure...
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    Apache 2 How difficult?

    How difficult/risky is it to update to apache 2? Does cpanel have anything built in to do it?
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    How to update perl?

    I followed some of the suggestions and fix's over at the cpanel forums Did this to update compression modules wget tar xfzv IO-Compress-Base-2.006.tar.gz cd IO-Compress-Base-2.006 perl Makefile.PL make make...
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    How to update perl?

    I am getting the same warnings with perl modules gzip and gunzip.
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    How to update perl?

    well I followed the instructions in the email as listed in post 2, everything seemed to work except when it asked for my path to the apache source files, I couldn't find where they were stored or if they existed, so I just entered q and hit ok, then it continued on. Everything seems to be...
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    How to update perl?

    I keep getting emails from cpanel telling me my perl 5.8.7 is too old. It has manual instructions to update it appears, but wondering if there is an easy way in cpanel to get it up to date. Here is what it tells me to run perl -MCPAN -e 'autobundle' cd /root wget...
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    Linux Reboots?

    I know with good ol windows its not a bad idea to have some sort of reboot schedule for servers, but is it true for linux? I've had my vps now for about 90 days and besides reboots during setup or initial software its been up for 80+ days. Memory usage has increased some (from 50-60%) but...
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    PHP 5 upgrade

    In case anyone else has the sql showing incorrect, I found how to fix it this file contains the version info, just edit it or replace with a users that is correct as I did /home/username/.cpanel-datastore/_usr_sbin_mysqld_--version
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    Backups provided?

    Excellent, thanks for the information, and on a side note, after one week with you guys, I am very happy.
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    Backups provided?

    Are any kind of backups done on knownhosts part in case of hardware failure? I know I can setup my own backups using cpanel and other methods, but other than that just kind of wondering.