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    Email security

    Hi Dan, I had a little dig around and I think cloudflare will be able to hide ip addresses from mail hosts too. Apparently all that is required to find out my mail host is for someone to query the host for my domain. I need to figure out how to set it up with mx hosts etc. I've not had a play...
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    Email security

    Hi Knownhost. I have to start by saying how happy I am with your service. My site has been running with no issues since its move. I recently had somebody do a security review of my site (which is hiding behind cloud flare). The IP address is well hidden and cannot be found through conventional...
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    Force HTTPS

    Hi all, I'm after some advice from all your collective experience. What is the best way to force an SSL connection? For max security, what I would like is for any http request, to be redirected to the https equivalent? I do not want this to apply to the subdomains. I've read that some people...
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    Introduction and very happy so far!

    I'm a very happy customer too who just signed up a few days ago! Since I've become a customer, I've hammered the support team with ticket after ticket and they consistently went above and beyond and with very quick responses too! I'll be posting up my own testimony to them very soon :)
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    Connecting to remote MySQL database

    I'm having issues connecting to a remote mysql instance. I've allowed remote connections on the MySQL server I'm connecting to and verified that it is working through a local sql client. My VPS (Centos/CPanel) instance however cannot connect to the server via SSH or my php scripts. I did a...