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    DNS and Newbie VPS questions

    Echoing what everyone has said. KH is not your usual host, can't go wrong signing up here, not far from 2 years myself as well
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    vBulletin 4.0

    Agreed, nice site. Color scheme, icons and overall :)
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    vBulletin 4.0

    Thank you for posting Sue C. I believe I am sticking with 3.x until I can, like you said.
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    vBulletin 4.0

    Thank you all. I haven't looked at Invision in ages (worked with vB, phpBB, smf, etc.) Will probably need to make a decision about staying with vB. I got to say that my forum users seems to like vB though, maybe only because they are used to it but still.
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    vBulletin 4.0

    I am interested in any impressions you guys have of the newest vBulletin release. I know it's pretty recent but wonder if anybody has any thoughts here.
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    Google Wave invites?

    I had a friend (not one of those of third party sites that supposedly have invites) send me an invite and I never got it, well it's been more than a day any way. So I am not hopeful that invites are always being sent even when 'available'. May just have to wait for google to directly send invites.
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    Randomly having MySQL problems...

    Mysql's my.cnf (at etc/my.cnf I believe) needs to be edited (a line for that probably needs to be added) , and changed in 60 second increments until it looks good and restarting mysql after each change. wait_timeout = 90 and then 150 if needed, etc. Probably best to ask support if you are...
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    About domains names

    VPS allows unlimited domains, resources wise depends on the type (statics, etc.) of site, even 1 site could max out your RAM or other resources if misconfigured or getting too many requests. Many people do what have done regarding expired domains, opinion varies, some would say 'cool clever'...
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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts?

    The year is 2011 and KH is a Windows hosting company Where is the scared smilie? :D
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    Great new look, it's also the debut of dedicated servers or was it before and I missed it? Looking forward to the VPS details.
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    Webhostingtalk attack

    You are right, one of the primary lessons here is the need for a physical backup. For large enough sites and businesses that should be seriously considered.
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    Webhostingtalk attack

    Just got the mass email from SoftWareRevue of WHT: I haven't been there in months and I got to say I am pretty shocked to see WHT successfully targeted and to this extent. Over the years I have sometimes, time allowing, followed the threads there including the ones about their own issues. I...
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    Listed as an attack site

    If it is known and not giving out details of course, I am curious to know what is meant by hacked? what was the entry point?
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    Questions re: Moving from hosting service to KH

    I am NOT a KH employee but a satisfied customer so take my replies as only rough guides that should be verified via an official reply here or via a ticket Disaster recover... KH themselves do not do offsite backups, large earthquake that damages the datacenter will mean your own offsite backups...
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    CP Plesk Memory usage

    Sorry if you looked at this already but I think looking at or pasting the output from the top and ps as described in that thread will make it easier to track down the possible causes of high memory usage