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    Looking for KH management

    Hey all Can someone tell me how to contact KH management? I see a few KH staff on these forums, but I specifically want to contact someone in management. Thanks PM
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    Mobile email software

    Hey all, I have an increasing number of clients trying to access their emails via mobile technology, such as Iphones, mobile phones etc. Are there any email packages I could load on my VPS to give mobile access ie: pages designed for mobile access so that the entire page doesn't scroll into...
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    Suggestions for New Site

    If I go directly to the original link it's all left centered, but if I access the page via the "Fully Managed" link on then it opens as a pop up, which I believe is the intended behaviour. Pete
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    Suggestions for New Site

    On the page there is a grammatical error: Purchase Upgrades All upgrades can be purchased simple by emailing our sales team. Should say simply.....
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    Diskspace blowout

    Hey all, My diskspace is gradually increasing and I need to reign it in. Any suggestions on where I delete unnecessary files? I've got logs under control and by my calculations I should have several gig free, but I'm up to 93% (of my 10 gig). Thanks Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    My load graph shows a drastic improvement in loads as at 4:30 PM, AEST. I checked my trace route and I see that I've been moved. Thanks for the excellent service. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Thanks for the update Paul, much appreciated. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Paul, Is there any update on this server? Here is a load graph from today. At about 9 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time) it went to high loads again. I saw loads in excess of 9 which brought the VPS to it's knees. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Paul Thanks for your reply, I've just read the ticket response that you sent me. I'm glad that you're on top of the issue. All the best, Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Hey all, I'm currently experiencing intermittent load issues on vz01-la - I've submitted a support ticket, but every time I've had load issues in the last 12 months it has always been server wide ie: affecting all VPS's on the node. Is anyone else on that node having load issues? Pete
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    neurotic question

    I can't see any way in which KH would list domains they host or who their customers are, that would be a massive breach of privacy and is not something I've had any issues with since I joined all that time ago. Are you saying that you personally don't want to be identifiable, or that you don't...
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    Photo Upload Errors

    upload_max_filesize = 5M should be in php.ini - log in via shell, execute command updatedb (which will refresh the file listings) then after the db update has finised type in locate php.ini You might have a few of them on your system, so you'll need to work out which one is the live one. Do a...
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    Ban IP Adress

    If you are using configserver firewall you can block specific IP addresses - I presume she has a static IP address?
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    Need a site check please

    Very slow from south eastern Australia, about 20 seconds or more before the page starts coming up. Pete
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    putting one of my forums in different server

    Set it up on the second server as something like, then add an A record on the first (main) server which points forum ( to the second server. I'm pretty sure that would work ok. Pete