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    FritzFrog botnet

    That's a very impressive bit of Malware. Thanks for sharing!
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    Computer builds?

    Nice! I too jumped the Intel ship with my latest build. Price to performance, it was just no contest. What's going on in the bottom left of that photo? Looks like a plug and an old small film reel? I see the sticky note says "Decommissioned KH Hardware: phpAddict's old SSDs" :p
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    According to you, what are the most common mistakes done by Web Hosting Customers?

    I wish I started out using more CMS's, templates, and open source code when I started out. I use to have the mindset that it was like cheating or plagiarizing. I wanted all my code to be 100% original. Also for security and efficiency; I didn't want to use code from someone I didn't know and...
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    Autoclose Ticket

    @domainlord KH use to let us close the tickets, but they took that feature away. I just let them know the issue is resolved and they can close the ticket.
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    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    Since I finally added it to my new Dedi I already have... # lfd: (mod_security) mod_security (id:5000135) triggered by (SG/Singapore/-): 1 in the last 3600 secs - Tue Mar 24 14:57:57 2020 # lfd: (mod_security) mod_security (id:5000135) triggered by...
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    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    Absolutely! There are certainly some nice WP plugins that will probably do a better job than what we're doing here with modsec. This only protects from brute force attempts on wp-login.php, I'll be adjusting it to also include xmlrpc, but there are lots of other threats that plugins, like...
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    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    Came back here to add my rules to a new dedi. Just a small update. Paths have changed with newer versions of cPanel so it's easiest just to apply the rule in: WHM »Security Center »ModSecurity™ Tools » Rules List (button top right) » Edit Rules (button top right). All I had to do was copy the...
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    So what's up with the Network and Hardware status

    Issue with OpenVZ causing bugs. They've fixed it. Should be slowing down now. They go away shortly after they've been resolved. They don't want hundreds of posts showing downtime to prospects. I don't blame them. I doubt any host would keep a running list of every issue they've ever ran into.
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    Staging environment

    It was a few years ago. Softaculous' installer for WP was nice, but I preferred doing it the manual way and be more hands on with it. When I saw you mention that it offered staging that piqued my interest so I returned to it for the first time in years. Their pricing is more than reasonable...
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    Staging environment

    Good Morning! Was just poking around to check out that WP staging feature and... ...Did KH use to pay for us all to have the license? I know I was able to install WP using Softaculous not all that long ago.
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    Tuning mysql and mariadb

    Assuming you have cPanel you can view what you're using in WHM under MySQL/MarieaDB, that's also where you can change which one you're using. Not sure in DA, but with SSH you can just type mysql then status The my.cnf file is in the /etc/ directory on cPanel servers. Use caution, lots of damage...
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    Good bye Texas!

    Good bye Texas!
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    Large backups to S3

    Here's where those settings that JonathanKW mentioned are located: If I'm reading it right the abrupt end between these two logs... [2020-02-15 21:39:56 -0800] info [cpbackup_transporter] Upload attempt #1 starting for /backup/weekly/2020-02-15/accounts/account2.tar.gz to...
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    Webmail Phishing

    Thanks for the notice @Jenolan I safely visited and saw it brings up a namecheap "recently registered domain" notice, that very well may be entirely fake, but WHOIS did verify it is in fact registered with them. I submitted an abuse report, just in case they haven't already been...
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    DKIM and SPF records - needs sorting! is a great tool I use for checking that sort of thing. Pretty much anytime I'm working on DNS or Email delivery issues I have it open somewhere. You can use it to check that you have it setup correctly. The below links to their tools for those two topics also includes a brief...