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    Unmanaged and managed services

    Something tells me this is where will be coming into play.
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    Reissue/refresh wording is even used on the WHMCS web site forums as well. My php configuration was changed because i had to re-modify the php.ini to disable the functions i originally had disabled. The staff went too far when trying to gain access to something they couldn't get into because i...
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    wow... i changed my root password to get them off the server because i'm feeling rather uncomfortable with the tech who is doing the work. They still managed to get into my server, they then logged into WHM twice for no reason. Then they rebuild my php configuration and edit my apache...
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    I have to ask... why on earth are the support staff asking for my admin password to my WHMCS area? this is very odd to refresh my license. I don't feel comfortable giving anyone access to my admin area and for you guys asking to gain access to a private area is rather weird. WHMCS provides...
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    Knowhost Santa

    I'd have wrote in a ticket to say thanks but this is my first Xmas with knownhost and the upgrade is beautiful. Saying it privately also looses meaning since you already know your awesome. Publically your potential customers can see why knowhost is who to choose. Thanks KH and merry Xmas.