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    Temporary error, Disk usage warning on /

    Hii, This is alert that system / partition goes to extreme position, wherever space goes to 80%, generate a alert message to mail ID. In that case of remove the term related files.
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    WP Login Attempts, Others in Errors Log

    Hello team, Whenever there are more than 3 to 5 wrong longing attempt then your local ip has blocked to the server whereas your website hosted, In that case you have to unblock that your particular local ip then you have to allow the wp-admin panel. In second case whenever you don't have to...
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    Website security question

    Hello team, there are lot of security tool available for server hardening, but it is recommended that basic tool install and setup on server. like CSF, proper ssh confgure, mod_security and lot of.
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    Is it possible to run ASP under LINUX

    Hello Team, These are two different plate-from for different -2 application , if you want to run Window based application then you have to move to window based OS or if it is Linux based then ,move to Linux OS, Now Linux is open source and the freely available for customize, If you change the...
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    php version via .htaccess

    Hello, If WHM panel configure with multilevel PHP version then you can change the php version via cpanel (end-user). If it is configure with single any slevel like (5, 6, 7), then it is not possible via cpanel, If you have change the php version then the .htaccess file doesn't play any activites.
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    CPanel update fatal error.

    Hello, In the case of WHM/CPANEL, first of all you have to updated all the modules of system. 1. update the system basic files and modules via command " yum update -y" 2. In WHM update preference option allow automatically update to yes. and update all the package. 3. It is alternative of...
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    Can't connect to mysql using ssh tunnel

    Hii, It's need that you have to start mysql service, it may be down, and allow mysql port 3306 in firewall/iptables. it will connect on your local system via those credentail which you have. In alternative you have to reset the password of root user. and it was last one step.
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    phpMyAdmin security vulnerability

    Hii, it's need to update the latest phpmyadmin version, baecasue WHM/Cpanel community update to itself continuously, if customised software is not updated then it play security vulnerability, and sometimeit happened DDS attacked.