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    Unmanaged and managed services

    Seeing that all packages come with a fully managed service and that this service is applicable only to packages with a control panel, I suggest offering a package for unmanaged accounts for users who don't make use of a control panel. Thanks.
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    How do we clone a VPS account?

    After configuring a VPS just the way we require it, how to we go about cloning this VPS setup? I've setup nginx with php-fpm and MariaDB and I've configured my php applications to run on this setup. Now I'd like to have the same setup on another vps account of the same size. Does anyone have...
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    Automated PayPal Billing...

    Have you looked at the Paypal debit card option A paypal debit card will work just as well. I use this for most of my online payments. Paypal issues a mastercard debit card which links directly to your paypal account and can fall back on your bank account if there are no funds in the paypal...
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    Green Hosting

    "Green" Hosting includes low energy consumption equipment (like the HE CPU's KH currently use), high level of virtualisation, alternate efficient cooling sources, latest spec hardware, and efficient use of all energy consumed. Alternate power sources are used to charge up battery banks which...
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    Green Hosting

    You have to admit, it's starting to grow exponentially. More and more "Green Hosting" companies are springing up all over the place as corporations and consumers are becoming more conscious of their mark on our planets resources. My feeling from hosting with KH for over 2 years is that this...
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    SPAM protection

    +1 on this This is a reasonable suggestion. Spam filtering uses up alot of memory and processing power on VPS accounts, especially the lower end ones. It would make sense to "outsource" spam filtering to a machine/s adapted specifically for this process. In addition to this, may I suggest a...
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    European Datacentre

    +1 on this I would also be interested in a node located in Europe. I think there are several comparative data centres in Amsterdam and Belgium that may suit a small scalable European hosting product for Knownhost. There are a few hosting companies that offer servers in various datacentres and...
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    Mysql optmization

    My my.conf settings Hi Stormrider, I host mainly Drupal sites and 1 wordpress blog. Drupal sites are database hungry and run many queries to the db, so it is important to enable mysql cache. There are few other important things to look at like table_cache and max connections. The default...
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    UPDATING to PHP 5.x

    Well written "How to". Thank you.
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    XEN versus Virtuozzo

    Hello, I was wondering what the reasons would be behind using Virtuozzo over Xen? Stability? Performance? Many thanks
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    Hybrid Servers launched

    In response to my own question...
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    Hybrid Servers launched

    Fantastic news. Congratulations! Now we can rest easy knowing that when our online presence starts to get stronger, there is a easily upgradable solution available. 2 quick questions... How many hybrid accounts usually exist on a Hybrid server and what would be the difference between a...
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    Direct Admin vs C/Panel

    Better l8 than never ;) I'm a fan of simplicity. DA is just really simple. Its like it was designed to make the users life easier. I've been using various cps for the last 5 years and have found DA to be my favourite. The user interface is awesome and I can find what I'm looking for without...
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    Add Zend+Ioncube+eAcclerator+APC+MemCahce -Auto installer.

    +1 for this Would be great as an option in supported cps. These would be a benefit to all accounts on the box as they would reduce resource usage.
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    VPS Addons

    +1 for dedicated option and... showing interest in additional RAM and possibility of dedicated server upgrades for existing clients so as to motivate discussions on the subject in your meetings. Possibility of dedicated server options = not something KH actually sells/markets, but an...