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    Identifying node

    I'm not sure if this is applicable across the entire KH network, but I have found that for the VPS hardware nodes, the last part of the node's IP address indicates the node you are on. For example,, where the .33 part indicates vz33. Add to that the DC location you are at and you...
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    SpamAssassin Spam Box Spam Folder

    Maybe you have set to discard all spam messages automatically? Login to cPanel for the domain and under SpamAssassin, check the settings there. Assuming your other settings are corrrect, can you try this: 1. Login to SquirrelMail webmail. 2. Click the Folder link on top. 3. Create new folder...
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    Problems with domain transfer

    Lourens Tredoux, maybe you need to give more details on your setup bcause I notice that is hosted elsewhere now and also and points to other IP addresses. So I am not sure whether you have other domains hosted using those nameserver already in which case you...
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    Problems with domain transfer

    Please correct me if I have misunderstood. You want to use and as the nameservers for hosted on KH. (as shown in the WHM screenshot above) At the moment, nameservers resolve to and and thus still goes to...
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    vz23-tx VPS Random High Loads

    Maybe its other VPS clients on the node running disk intensive tasks that may be causng the slow-down? The 10pm issue sounds like daily backups running at that time. For the 10pm issue, try to submit a ticket in advance before 10pm and request support monitor the loads to see if they can see...
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    Did not receive nightly Cron Deamon cPanel email

    The daily cPanel update logs should be in the following directory: /var/cpanel/updatelogs The filenames are in the format update.xxxxxxxxxx.log. There should be a few files listed from previous updates. Check the file timestamps to view the latest one. Also, check WHM -> Mail Queue to see if...
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    How to log support Ticket

    The login info should be in the welcome email you received when you signed up. The username and password for the support system at: should be the same as that for the billing system at: The username should be the email address you...
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    Any thoughts?

    You could submit a ticket to support to see if they can find any issues about this.
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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    I found that the first access was very slow, a couple of minutes to complete. Reloading the page after that was ok. I notice that using IE7, the status bar showed there were errors in the page of the site you provided. Maybe you can try the first access using Firefox or Chrome etc instead to...
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    Obtaining old e-mails?

    If your mail client was using POP3, then all messages were downloaded to your PC. Unless you had "Leave a copy on the server" option enabled, or you were using IMAP. Login to your webmail for the account and see if there is any messages there.
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    Cpanel Addons

    Maybe you can try the cPanel forums at: There is also a developer's forum at: Or try asking at WHT.
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    What's this site doing in var/log/messages ?

    Although filling the logfile, it shows that your nameservers are setup corectly not to allow unauthorized queries, so that is a good thing. If the queries are from the same IP address, maybe you can block that IP at the firewall level so it cannot connect to your server at all. Or you may...
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    What's this site doing in var/log/messages ?

    I believe a request is being made to your nameservers from that IP address to resolve that domain and your nameservers are denying the request since your nameservers are not authoritative for that domain.
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    AOL EMail Bomb - Failed Msgs

    You can check in the spam message headers to see what sort of score were given by SpamAssassin. Then maybe you can tweek SpamAssassin spam score or other settings / rules. I do not have specifics as I leave SpamAssassin with default settings and with score of 5 and discard messages marked as...
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    AOL EMail Bomb - Failed Msgs

    For the first 2 options above, uncheck the current setting of 20. Then you will see a new list of options and you can select the 10 option by checking the appropriate box. Yes, both RBL options should be checked. FYI, I received an Abuse Complaint report from KH Abuse Dept. When I checked, I...