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    Direct Admin vs C/Panel

    Yes, from here:
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    Mod Security: Good idea?

    I have mod_security installed on every machine I own - I wouldn't run a machine without it :).
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    Reboot once a day. Good idea?

    I've seen VPS' up for 30+ days without needing a reboot, etc.
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    Php 5

    Actually, I believe PHP 5 is standard with Plesk 8.
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    Re-install cPanel and WHM?

    Actually, on a VPS, it's a bit more involved than that since you need to install certain dependencies that are not provided for in the CentOS4 template.
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    How do I check my memory?

    No problemo :).
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    How do I check my memory?

    cat /proc/user_beancounters