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    PayPal -> credit card or PP subscription

    Same question here. I still prefer to pay through Paypal and hope to see KH support Paypal subscriptions. I have used Godaddy service and find it very convenient.
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    Second IP not showing in DA Panel?

    same problem here...who's got the answer?
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    How do I switch DNS ip?

    I have two IPs for my VPS and I have created a domain at one IP. now I would like to change the IP for the domain created to the other IP? How do I do that in DirectAdmin? When I was using PLESK, it seemed very easy to switch domain DNS between IPs. but I am not sure where to do that in...
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    What version of OS do the accounts use?

    yeah, mine turns out to be CentOS release 4.5, too.
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    Drweb Key?

    No. I haven't asked them. but I guess they won't support any "thirt-party" software problem as my VPS is not a Plesk account. well, I was rejected once about another issue, so I guess it is not proper to bother them about this issue. Or is there a way to reinstall the whole PLESK (maybe a lower...
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    Drweb Key?

    as I only run one domain/site on my VPS, I purchased a VPS+WEBMIN account. Plesk for 1 domain is free so I though I would like to have a try. :D Anyway, thanks for the help. I couldn't even find any really solution at SWsoft forum - they got too many same complaints, too. :(
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    Drweb Key?

    Thanks. But My KH VPS is not a PLESK version. I just installed it on my own. it has been working perfectly until the upgrade to 8.2 was done. well, I also got the problem.: -------------------------------- psa dead but subsys locked --------------------------------- just search SWsoft forum and...
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    Drweb Key?

    I guess I messed up Plesk. I tried to update it from 8.1 to 8.2, everything was OK until after the update was done. now I can never start it. error message: ---------------------------------------------------- Key file: /opt/drweb/drweb32.key - Key file not found! A path to a valid license key...
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    does IPtables rules use too much RAM?

    do IPtables rules use too much RAM? My VPS was under attack again. I have banned over 100 IPs with IPtables. I am wondering if it requires too much RAM to keep so many IPtables rules to work for some time? :confused:
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    MYSQL database setup

    It seems that in Plesk, even under the same domain, it is impossible to setup a same MYSQL user for different databases. every database has to have its unique users? what if I want to give permission to user1 to access database1 and database2? (under the same domain). How can I do that...
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    eaccelerator installation failed

    tried it, doesn't work yet :(
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    eaccelerator installation failed

    Yes, I've checked the directories, that's the right path. :(
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    update the system automatic?

    Well, to use YUM to update your php to the latest 5.x , you first will have to enable [centosplus] in CentOS-Base.repo
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    eaccelerator installation failed

    Since eaccelerator 0.9.5 can work with Zend Optimizer. so I would like to install it on my VPS. I tried everything following the instructions at since I have only one php installed, so I did phpize ./configure make make install path is...
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    VPS Disk Space Growing ... ...

    you may setup a crob job to update your log data once a week or at a short time.....