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    Advice on optimising my VPS - MySQL mainly!

    Some things to try to get you started: - Log in to phpMyAdmin and look at your "MySQL runtime information" which might help you learn a little about your mysql settings - log into your server via SSH and run the "top" command and look for mysql processes and see how much memory and CPU they're using
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    mySQL 5 upgrade

    Thank you Paul. My Plesk says "8.2.1" when I login. I'm on a Hybrid so according to your site I'm using "CentOS 5.x" I passed this question to support originally and only wish their responses were as helpful. I'm just glad I didn't do as recommended by them and switch control panels.
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    mySQL 5 upgrade

    I was hoping to upgrade to mysql 5 but support has told me this is not an option under the Plesk configuration. This is quite frustrating and everywhere I read it says Plesk 8.x supports MySQL5. I was told by support that I would need to change control panels which sounds drastic to me. Has...
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    Optimze MySQL or use a PHP accelerator?

    Might I suggest you run unix TOP command and find out of mySQL is your problem - see if the mysql process is using up your server resources. Also look into the mysql slow queries log to find out if your queries are causing problems. This would be my first step before even looking into fine...
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    crontab - permission problems

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to setup a crontab to run as a specific user or a way to get around permission problems. I have files on my server that I want deleted via cron. These files have owner/group permission of 'apache' as they're created by the web server. When I run a cron it...
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    Hybrid vs Dedicated Server

    At some point I'll probably be upgrading to a Hybrid, but I'm also looking and comparing Dedicated Servers. I know this is a broad question, but share your reasons why you would choose a KnownHost Hybrid vs. a Dedicated server (or why you wouldn't). From my (brief) research, I can get a...
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    Domain name on setup

    When signing up for a new account, I noticed these two options: 1. Transfer My Existing Domain 2. I will use My Existing Domain and update My Nameservers only. I would like to transfer my existing domain from and move the nameservers to knownhost (option 1) but I don't want this to happen...
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    Which cpanel and RAM questions

    I'm considering a VPS setup for my site seeing I've outgrown my current shared hosting. A few questions: - Which control panel would you recommend for someone that is not experienced in semi-managing a server. I've not had much experience in linux, and rarely had to use command line commands...