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    cPanel's new pricing structure?

    Hello, CPanel announced the new prices on June 27, after 35 days KnowHost is unable to disclose the new cPanel licensing cost? Does cPanel not yet allow datacenters to post new prices? Thank
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    Im on the same boat unfortunately. I have +20 servers with KH, reselling since 2006. The main seller was VPS-2 plan, with 80Gb disk and 2.5Gb ram, with CPANEL and reseller/VIP discount this VPS cost US$30.00. Now, the new plans, MVPS-2 with 100Gb disk, and 4.0Gb ram, with CPANEL cost US$80.00...
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    WHMCS license addon price change?

    Hello, With this: The price of WHMCS license addon (US$ 5.00) offered by KH will change? Thank
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    10 years, together!

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english. Im with KH since 2006. Today I received the KH message about 10 years birthday, then I jumped on KH dashboard and found this, my first KH invoice: Invoice number 1306, August of 2006. A baby invoice. Today, 10 years late, 399 invoices paid, 108 VPS...
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    KH staff photos

    Hello, Im with KH for some years, talking with Debbie, Paul and other staff. But how they look? KH dont have any pictures from staff? :D -- Alvaro