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    Colo4Dallas Outage lesson

    This may be of some help :)
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    VPS Server Questions

    1. The server information was available on the old KH Website but isn't here in the new one, All Servers are Dual Opteron and on my VPS it shows AMD, Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2214 HE The CPU is shared among the VPSs on server and according to TOS a VPS cannot use more then 25% of CPU...
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    Few questions

    Knownhost doesn't offer domain registration them self (They aren't Domain registrar), though they will register only single domain at the time of sign up and it is through Enom, not through knownhost itself, consider reading this post for further clarifcation...
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    How can I change/reset the password for Virtuozzo Control Panel?

    Hello, Submit a ticket to knownhost. Because when you will hit forget password button at VAPP it will result the error: Password restore is unavailable due to system error #1002. Call your provider. So it seems it isn't possible to recover the password through forget password. Regards...
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    pre-sale questions

    You are welcome at any time to request for transfer, until or unless it is between similar Control Panels. (Shared/Reseller comes with Cpanel only) All packages come with Price Lock Guarantee
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    What is "hogging" the most diskspace?

    Hello, By redirecting the output generated by du you can easily figure out the amount of files/directory taking too much space. Here is an example: du -h > diskspace.txt du : This will calculate the space. -h : This option will convert the amount of space into the Human readable (KB, MB...
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    80 KH

    :D Knownhost beats other companies in server count; 71 Servers and still that great 99.990% uptime with 5 Minute monitoring interval Knownhost Thanks for your great service and support :)
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    Any upcoming special

    Contact sales you may get special
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    Migrating from DA to CPanel. . .How To?

    Migrating through different Control panels isn't done by knownhost support, but they will help you through the whole process. If only Database and Files are important to migrate then there will not be a big problem. (except if you have hundreds of databases ;))
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    New user Help Please

    You may have not changed your DNS Settings to this New server, Please check them
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    Question for PHP instaled extensions in reseller hosting and upgrade terms

    Hello, CentOS Operating system PHP version 5.2.3 Shared/Reseller cannot be customized (I don't know may be your required extension may already be there) if you need to custom install extension consider VPS plane where you are free to do anything on your VPS (under AUP) Restrictions are...
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    I am a new customer

    Hello, If you would like to upgrade yourself and having problem, just open a ticket to support to guide you, and surely they will. Regards Mashahood
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    A little info please.

    I am quoting a reply of Paul (CTO Knownhost) URL: another discussion here:
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    Is this considered Warez?

    Link to a warz or Pirated software is not like linking to bank robbery documented page rather it is like Link to a web link giving robbers a Plan to rob a bank ;) Warz links discussed here are like I upload some illegal material (like software, books etc) on rapidshare (or other File sharing...
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    Hybrid vs Dedicated Server

    Add 48$/month for Cpanel License 5$ for Fantastico In case of Plesk $69/month for unlimited domains and off course you will hardly find support like knownhost's any where on the web. What will happen when you suddenly got allot of users and your ram exceeded the 1 GB of ram on that dedicated...