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    Seeking advice regarding site upgrade and migration

    I have two KnownHost VPS accounts. One is slightly older, in terms of installation, and it holds my biggest site. I have a couple of problems that I need to sort out. I'm not looking for someone to tell me every step to take, but I'm hoping I can get some advice as to the order of big steps I...
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    Session Maxlifetime difference apparently, I have a question.

    Ok so I have my maxlifetime value set in WHM. This affects all of my sites hosted on my VPS. However, I have one site that I'm running and for some reason, the session doesn't seem to be timing out. I don't have anything special set in the .htaccess or anything. And it's virtually the same code...
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    Thank you KnownHost!

    Hey I just got your email about the upgraded plans again this year, and I wanted to say thanks KH, you rock! I've been with you for going on three years now and I am still a very happy customer. It's very refreshing for a company to take care of it's customers like you do. I only wish the rest...
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    Hi CPU usages showing for MySQL in WHM

    Hey everyone, I've been monitoring my server today and I've seen MySQL Pid slowly go up to about 20.4 %. What's weird is that even when the site load dropped back down to around 1 or 2, the amount of CPU MySQL is using is sticking to 20.4 %. Currently both of my sites are snappy and responding...
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    KnownHost comes through for me again.

    Today I had a bit of a server crisis. My sites were coming to a crawl and pages that normally take half a second to load were taking up to 1 minute. One of my sites is quite busy and this was not pleasing my members at all. Things were looking bad for a number of hours. The server load was way...
  6. M to *********.com

    Yes I was going to post this also to clear things up for future viewers of this thread. Thanks for the clarification Joel.
  7. M to *********.com

    Ok, I'll do that Joel...
  8. M to *********.com

    Ok. When your tech support people login to my server, the IP leads back/through to
  9. M to *********.com

    So what's the deal with Knownhost? Are your servers hosted by are your techsupport people employeess of I'd really love to know...
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    Does Oracle threaten the future of MySQL?

    Like many of you, my businesses rely heavily on MySQL. Please visit this site created by the original co-creator of MySQL... I hope Oracle doesn't get there hands on MySQL and then derail it. (yes, I am a KH VPS customer - so this is a legit post)
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    Older VPS (VPS-XLca) plans vs new ones and performance

    Hi Joel, thanks for replying. Is the CPU an upgrade as well? And what about number of VPS's per machine. Is that basically the same? Also, my site is very active with constant activity from my users, including messages and sign-ups etc. How does the database and site get moved to a new machine...
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    Older VPS (VPS-XLca) plans vs new ones and performance

    Hello everyone. I'm currently on a VPS-XLca plan. One of my sites is getting pretty busy and I can notice the pages slowing down a bit. I'm getting ready to launch another site that will probably eventually be just as busy or maybe even more so. So I'm wondering if I should upgrade/switch now...
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    Congratulations! The site looks fantastic, and the new VPS plans look cool. I recently upgraded my plan to get more drive space, but it looks good to see that I can change my plan again to get even more when I need it, for not much more money. I've had two hosts prior to KnownHost over the past...
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    Name one thing you love about Knownhost

    Honestly, speed and helpfulness of tech support. This was my first VPS, and I naturally had some basic questions about DNS setup etc. they were patient - never condescending. Cheers KnownHost!
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    mysql root connection Qs - shell and remote

    hello again, Hopefully someone can shed some light on a few questions I have. First of all, when logged in to my server as root via shell, I can access MySQL without a password. I have definitely created a root password for the MySQL server. So, is this a feature? Also, when accessing my...