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    "www" question

    I've got a client who can not view their website within their internal network when the "www" is typed into the URL. The rest of the world has no problems. Any ideas on how I can advise them?
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    Upgrade to PHP & MySQL 5x?

    Thanks for the response. My previous hosting provider had the option of jumping back and forth between PHP4 and PHP5. Is this possible with CPANEL?
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    Upgrade to PHP & MySQL 5x?

    I am perfectly happy running PHP 4.x and MySQL 4.x. Is there any compelling reason why I should consider upgrading? Are there issues that would causes headaches IF I did indeed upgrade?
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    Mail Queue Question

    I was just curious about what causes an email to get stuck in the Queue. The most common one I see is due to a full mailbox. But others just seem random. Today, I've had two emails with multiple recipients get stuck in the Queue. One went through went I forced it (why didn't it go through by...
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    Spamassassin bouncing emails

    Never heard of ASSP -- could you give us a quick overview? Thanks!
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    Sorry about not posting a reply. The kind folks at KH helped me track down the problem. My settings were all correct....but they ended up having to recompiled Apache and PHP. After that, everything works swell.
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    Spamassassin bouncing emails

    same problem here. In my case, when a client has an auto-responder setup for their email account, it replies to ALL emails -- even marked spam.
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    yeah, I broke down and added fantastico to my account hoping that it would install OSCommerce more succesfully than me :). Same "include" errors as before.
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    Has anybody successfully installed OSCommerce on a KH VPS? I can't get past some nagging "include path" issues, even after making adjustments to the php.ini file.
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    AutoResponder Responds to Spam

    I've got a client who uses the email autoresponder quite a bit. It appears that the autoresponder functions BEFORE the spam filters -- so it is sending out autoresponse messages to hundreds of junk email addresses. Then, her mail box fills up with returned and undeliverable emails. Does...
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    X3 Theme

    Thanks for the info....
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    .asp subdomain on Linux Box???

    Your best bet would probably be to find a windows hosting plan. Most offer php and asp on the same box.
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    OSCommerce Not Appearing as Add-On Script

    Thanks for the commentary. I was hoping for an answer to the question, though. :rolleyes:
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    X3 Theme

    How/where can I get the X3 theme for Cpanel?
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    Forum RSS Feed?

    Just a would be great to be able to subscribe to the forum as an RSS feed -- so we could monitor new postings without having to visit the forum....