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    Mass Mail ?

    I already have Domain Keys , Reverse Dns and an SPF record set up. How do i get the email addresses ? from my social networking sites user email table. How do you decrease the amount of email sent per second or minute then ?
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    Mass Mail ?

    I have 10,000 members on my social networking site. I need to email them about a party am hosting for the site this summer. Now, How can I send 10000 emails without SPAMing or my emails being junked ? and without having lots of email in mail server que, especially Yahoo ones. Any ideas of an...
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    Knonwhost guys add photo to album please

    I wanna see jennifer . lol :D
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    Whats Yahoo's Beef ?

    option is still on the table :
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    Whats Yahoo's Beef ?

    Whats Yahoo's problem ? i have 1400 mails in my mail que to Yahoo. I know am not the only one having this problem. Mails sent to my subcribers in Yahoo is always a problem.. i keep getting 421 defered mail issue.. i've contacted yahoo, filled forms, followed their webmaster guideline etc.. its...
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    Reboot once a day. Good idea?

    i do reboot maybe every 2 days or so.. i noticed my site runs smoother & faster when i reboot the vps.. .
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    am in a bad mood and I wanna write something bad about knownhost.. the only problem is.. I HAVE NOTHING BAD to write about them :mad: . Their service is just fantastic. will come back later when i think of something bad as i've been thinking about it for about 1yr now:(
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    KnownHost Support Down ?

    I've contacted knownhost support for a few days now and not got a single reply. Not even one of those automated email replies that tells me about my support ticket.I've been with knownhost for over 1yr now.. summin is wrong..
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    How to generate schedule cpanel backup ?

    How do i set a scheduled cpanel backup. That will generate a full backup of my site ? I want to be able to do this so it generates a full backup cpanel every 5 days. I will then download them from later from ftp. someone mentioned to me something about cronjobs and ssh or something.. . any...
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    ShoutCast - am I allowed ?

    I keep hearing of shoutcast.. am i allowed to install on my VPS ? just on a small scale use and testing.. just want to get the feel of it. Am i allowed to sir ? best regards Knownhost Fan for Live
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    Known Host overselling ?

    yes, it was apache's api was running as CGI instead of apache. so i rebuilt apache on whm and it worked fine . thnx
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    Emails Sent to Hotmail Junk. Please Help!

    Hi, emails from my server to hotmail lands in the hotmail junk folder . My IP is not blacklisted. I checked and saw that emails sent out by the VPS are sent as user : nobody . I have not compiled PHPSUEXEC in Apache and I dont want to, that addon is just not worth all the problems I had with it...
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    Root Access ?

    use CuteFtp . it works :D . connec ton Sftp mode
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    Football anyone??

    am a big football fan. My fav team is Manchester United. Legends!. we got classic players, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Christiano , Saha!. I think we stand a firm chance of winning the premiership this season. Chelsea can spend spend spend, however, they lack style:D . erm, who are eagles ? :D
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    Known Host overselling ?

    ok resolved. please delete thread. we cool :D