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    Ssh & Mac

    hi all, i just wonder any one here is mac expert , i can ssh to my direct admin vps without problem on my windows box, but on my macbook pro, it always hang after i key in the password, some time i can login but most of the time i cannot most of the time it just stop respone on debug2...
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    unlocked for ex customer ?

    hi, i m a ex customer of knownhost, i would like to get back to knownhost now, but when i try to make order, it mention my email is been use , is that possible to unlock my account to allow me to place order ??
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    Share Hosting Question

    hi i m interested on the share hosting, i got a few question 1. is the share hosting on califonia server ? 2. is ssh allow ? 3. what version of php is provided ? 4. is there only cpanel share hosting available ? how about direct admin ?