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    How to get rid of questioner slid out in WHM/cPanel

    We can take a look if you open a ticket. :)
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    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    I can speak for Namesilo... they support DNSSEC with PowerDNS.
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    Dummy Question about Firewall Log Activity

    >and as long as it does not degrade server performance I'm A-OK with it. No, this should be fine. As long as gmail is happy with your emails (SPF, DKIM (in version 78 of WHM / cPanel) and DMARC) it shouldn't ratelimit / block the emails. >how much door knocking (number of log-lines in...
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    Hostname and namerserver question

    >The only third party I can imagine would be my other hosting company. Is that possible? That's possible. Can we get you to open a ticket with support? We can dig deeper there.
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    Random picture

    To make you ask that question.
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    KnownHost Santa 2016

    I will eat your support ticket.
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    Random picture

    ...of me! Little old, but oh well. Thus ends the randomness.
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    KnownHost Santa 2016

    It's ok. We have coffee.
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    Anyone using lets encrypt for free SSL?

    I use it on my VPS. If you just need a cert for the green padlock, it's great. If you're doing any kind of ecommerce, buy a cert.
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    Looking for suggestion on secure email provider that could work with our hosted domains.

    My previous job was working at a mental health agency. I hate HIPAA.
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    Receiving Returned Mail to

    Looks like your hostname isn't registered in DNS. Open a support ticket and we can handle it.
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    How do the spoof my email address?

    Email headers are read from the bottom up. Here's the culprit. Received: from [] (unknown []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 8A1562560208 for <>; Mon, 27 Jun 2016 10:16:59 -0400 (EDT)
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    Email Encryption

    No, they can just use '' to login to check their email. They still maintain their email addresses they have.
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    Email Encryption

    You can use your WHM hostname for email, ftp, cpanel/whm and webdisk access. I prefer it this way, so I don't have to manage multiple domain SSLs.
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    Email Encryption

    cPanel doesn't have an official LE plugin yet. Once it does though, things will be awesome.