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    Odd Issue Loading Site

    Everything looks great with your domain now. Yes, you can definitely setup forwarding in any way you like. Our Support team will be happy to assist if you need any help with your VPS and/or domains configuration.
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    Odd Issue Loading Site

    Whilte your domain's DNS zone looks good there is still a bit of a problem with "A" records for your ns1/ns2 nameserver names - nameservers themselves are registered with the correct IPs however parent zone for your nameservers is not hosted inside your VPS but is hosted with GoDaddy and GoDaddy...
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    Very frustrating support experience - need help

    Hi geko, I'm sorry for the troubles you're experiencing. I've replied to your ticket few minutes ago and, just like Michael, I have failed to duplicate the problem. I have also provided reports that confirm that sites are available and are a lot quicker than what is listed in your...
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    Migration, keep IP address?

    SSL certificates are not tied up to the IP. They're issued for the domain name, not IP.
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    Centos 7 and WHM 11.50

    All new VPSs are being provisioned with CentOS 7 by default
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    Tip: Programmatically telling what node you are on

    Apparently zone didn't make it to new nameservers we've setup for reverse DNS. We'll get this fixed, thanks for letting us know.
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    The new setup - Memory

    Hi AMH, Many thanks for your feedback. You don't have to use Java-based console connection - this is just a "backdoor" that can be used when you, for example, lock yourself out of ssh access one way or another. For normal shell access please continue to use your regular ssh client. Such gaps...
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    centos 6 with x windows system

    Sounds like one of the tools you have installed might have changed the /etc/resolv.conf file. You can just reboot your VPS to reset content this file back to its original state. If you don't what to reboot something like following should help: echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf...
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    Can't connect to vps

    Sorry but we do not offer MS Windows products
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    Can't connect to vps

    Peterpieter - according to our records access information for your new VPS has been emailed to you shortly after your order was received. There is no remote desktop access but you have full root level ssh access there. Any chance that you might be looking for a MS Windows VPS instead of Linux...
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    VPS failing, what's going on?

    Carlos, site is up and running for me. Please open a ticket with our 24x7 Support team if you're having troubles accessing it. is not hosted within our network.
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    Virtualization Platform Upgrade

    This doesn't sound right. Do you have auto-start enabled for these required services? If you're using cPanel/WHM I would suggest to go to WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager to make sure that both, "enabled" and "monitor" checkboxes are checked for all services that your sites require.
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    Virtualization Platform Upgrade

    We're about 15% done with the migration so far and are running migration at all 3 datacenters at the same time. Migration is running pretty well with no major issues. There are, of course, few issues that happens every now and then and most of these are due to disabled start of services on...
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    ssh key would allow to ssh in but it is useless if/when we need to login to your WHM to check/adjust something and in majority of cases we do need to be able to access both.
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    Large Number of Failed Login Attempts

    Entries marked with the "do not delete" comment are ignored in the ipcount, here is a copy & paste of the's code that counts number of deny file entries: my $ipcount; my @denyips; foreach my $line (@deny) { $line =~ s/$cleanreg//g; if ($line =~ /^(\#|\n)/) {next} if ($line...