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    Resolved Cloudflare Outage 7/17/20 ~5:16PM EST

    Details from Cloudflare about what happened:
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    Resolved Cloudflare Outage 7/17/20 ~5:16PM EST

    Cloudflare just suffered a large outage impacting all services using Cloudflare (including our main site and support portal). It appears to be recovering at this time. This issue was 100% unrelated to KnownHost or our facilities directly and anything not run through Cloudflare continued...
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    100 Mbps limit on unmanaged KVM Cloud ??

    Likely at some point in the future. We've not solidified any plans surrounding it yet. While yes many home internet connections are getting much faster, few actually have the quality routes necessary to get 1Gbps (or even 500Mbps) from most single-server sites/services such as a VPS/dedi. We...
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    Updated version of WHMCS in download area

    We only publish new major versions because patches are available without logging in at or you can auto-update within WHMCS.
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    100 Mbps limit on unmanaged KVM Cloud ??

    The limit is supposed to be 200 so we'll get that fixed at least. The only product line with a 1Gbps limit is dedicated servers - everything else is 200Mbps. The entire cloud infrastructure is built to support higher limits but we have not started offering them yet.
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    There are not any current plans for an Australia datacenter at this time. We don't have a huge demand from AU and it's not a location that'd benefit much more than AU itself.
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    It had to take the backseat to a few other projects recently but we're polishing up the last few details for its relaunch. We should have it available next week.
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    Impacts due to COVID-19?

    I'm not sure that any of us have checked or compared "before" versus now in this regard. I'd imagine traffic is up a bit based on the rest of the internet being busier. It'd be hard to calculate anyway as we host a few large COVID-19 related websites that themselves are using huge amounts of...
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    How to get rid of questioner slid out in WHM/cPanel

    Swap to DirectAdmin :) Really though, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Can you post a screenshot?
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    Seattle location

    No, unmanaged cloud runs atop KVM with which we have not had any stability issues.
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    For anyone following this, we are completely out of the old facilities in Dallas, Baltimore, and now Seattle. We're still dealing with a lot of post-migration tasks but everyone is running on the new networks now :)
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    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    A good plugin to use for this that's pretty lightweight is tinyShield. Server-side is always best, but when all else fails tinyShield is a light lighter than WordFence.
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    So what's up with the Network and Hardware status

    Yes old issues are removed after a set amount of time.
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    Staging environment

    Nope, Softaculous has always been a paid add-on. It's $1/mo on VPSs.
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    CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support

    Wow, didn't see this coming. I'll add looking into this further onto our todo list.