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    Almalinux 8 - anybody migrated to it yet?

    The "unsupported network configuration" likely refers to network-scripts which are deprecated in EL8. If you move to NetworkManager then I bet this warning will go away (but network-scripts also do function just fine in EL8, they're not removed until EL9).
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    Keeping IP when moving from VPS to Cloud or NVMe

    You can keep your IP(s) going from VPS > HF/NVMe, just not to cloud. Cloud is on a different network segment and IPs are not currently portable to it from other product lines.
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    BigScoots VPS -> KH NVMe VPS Migration (+ cPanel and CloudFlare questions)

    Generally speaking most migrations only take a few hours. Since you're already on CF and will only have to update the records themselves propagation time should be very low.
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    BigScoots VPS -> KH NVMe VPS Migration (+ cPanel and CloudFlare questions)

    Thanks for considering us :) DA is included, cPanel is an extra cost. Their license prices are pretty crazy these days so we, like many others, were forced to line-item it since they keep going up every year. We can import full cPanel backups to DA just fine. Softaculous cost an extra $1/mo...
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    Questions about LiteSpeed Web Server

    1. They are unrelated. The number of workers is simply the number of CPU cores that Litespeed itself can use. Generally even for busy websites 1 worker is plenty as most of your processing is done by lsphp which is forked into separate processes. 2. They handle them to a degree, and much...
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    Speed up PHP and MySQL

    Are you using a CMS, perhaps MySQL? If you are using something that inegrates natively with LSCache for Litespeed then it can offer a dramatic speedup. You can ask our support team to review your MySQL configuration and we might be able to offer some tweaks to help things there. Generally at...
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    New VPS Setup

    VPSs don't necessarily deliver faster speeds over our shared/resller hosting because our shared/reseller hosting is setup so well. What VPS does give you is greater flexibility/control of the system and the ability scale much farther than reseller hosting. Think more lanes on the highway, not...
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    Fixing duplicate invoice emails.

    Sure just open a billing ticket and we can adjust the dates around so they renew together for you.
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    Fixing duplicate invoice emails.

    Unfortunately this is a software bug that so far the vendor has been unable to fix. We're not sure of the exact cause. It only impacts a very small subset of customers.
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    100 Mbps limit on unmanaged KVM Cloud ??

    Likely at some point in the future. We've not solidified any plans surrounding it yet. While yes many home internet connections are getting much faster, few actually have the quality routes necessary to get 1Gbps (or even 500Mbps) from most single-server sites/services such as a VPS/dedi. We...
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    Updated version of WHMCS in download area

    We only publish new major versions because patches are available without logging in at or you can auto-update within WHMCS.
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    100 Mbps limit on unmanaged KVM Cloud ??

    The limit is supposed to be 200 so we'll get that fixed at least. The only product line with a 1Gbps limit is dedicated servers - everything else is 200Mbps. The entire cloud infrastructure is built to support higher limits but we have not started offering them yet.
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    It had to take the backseat to a few other projects recently but we're polishing up the last few details for its relaunch. We should have it available next week.
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    Impacts due to COVID-19?

    I'm not sure that any of us have checked or compared "before" versus now in this regard. I'd imagine traffic is up a bit based on the rest of the internet being busier. It'd be hard to calculate anyway as we host a few large COVID-19 related websites that themselves are using huge amounts of...
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    How to get rid of questioner slid out in WHM/cPanel

    Swap to DirectAdmin :) Really though, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Can you post a screenshot?