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    Discord Bot / Node.js?

    Yes - to NodeJS. I would even say I don’t think it’d be an issue to run your own bot either, given it works with the Discord API and it’s private to you. I’m not so familiar with what kind of resources and queries a bot from discord would use, so I suspect a dedicated server would be best in...
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    FritzFrog botnet

    Thought I’d comment on the “random high-numbered ports”. This is the remote port that the remote connection is connecting from - not the local SSH port it’s attempting to connect with. That should always be the SSH port you have configured. :)
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Hey @jp001 That is correct; a lot of the customization for DirectAdmin must be handled in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom - most of these files can be found in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure. The link you provided will be very helpful for anyone else who stumbles upon this.
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    Seattle location

    Hey @doulos The location here doesn't have anything to do with the instability we've been seeing lately. If anything, it's actually better than if it were still in TX. The instability was mostly due to buggy kernel's released by OpenVZ which we've since patched. Since we have those bugs...
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    Large backups to S3

    Hey @Dan It may be worth opening a ticket with us so we can get cPanel involved directly. They're not without bugs with their transfer scripts.
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    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    Hey @petersconsult Yes, DirectAdmin uses Dovecot for mailbox management. The transfer should keep the UUID's, yes. I haven't heard any issues or complaints about this yet. What do you mean to a higher level? Right now, DirectAdmin does allow compressing emails as they arrive with the...
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Absolutely. I don't believe the actual /var/www/html location changes, however, so that should still work.
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    change phpmyadmin url

    I've been playing with this for a bit this morning. The phpMyAdmin link within DirectAdmin's User Level doesn't actually work to allow one-click-logins. I haven't found any resources yet to indicate that it ever has been setup in that manner. We do have a resource link on enabling...
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Did you update the phpmyadmin URL? If you did, you'll need to change the build "phpmyadmin_public" option back to yes, since the evolution theme doesn't update with the new name (the link is broken). If you want to keep it this way, you'll need to modify the skin as well, which is a bit...
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Hey @jp001 Simply removing the file located in the custom directory tree (httpd-alias.conf) would do the trick. It would better (read, easier) to restrict phpmyadmin to logged in users. You can do that by doing the following: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set...
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    CSF custom Regex to *allow* IP's

    @petersconsult Since you're using WHM, there's a /etc/relayhosts file which is automatically updated by cPanel's antirelayd, which essentially adds IPs once a valid login is created in /var/log/maillog. An easier, albeit possibly less secure (I'm not entirely sure how more insecure this would...
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Hey @jp001, We can help you with this if you open a ticket with our support department. This is, however, fairly simple. The best way to add custom configurations for things like apache, (in this case, aliases for apache) is via the 'custom' build configurations in...
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    malware scanning

    Hello @ihearvoices Knownhost is not responsible for malware scanning on VPS's owned by our customers - that is entirely up to the end user. Maldetect is not something I personally would ever suggest on a VPS - the resources it needs and the inconsistency of it working correctly is just not...
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    One month after migrating to DirectAdmin

    Thanks for the update. We’re trying our best to make the switch as smooth as possible and are changing our procedure daily. Remember if you have any questions or need help, we’re here for you.
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    cPanel's new pricing structure?

    I wouldn't suggest running CentOS Web Panel on any production server due many exploits that seem to happen pretty regularly. Case in point, one from very recently: While they generally fix it fast, I don't think it's got the reputation or stability to...