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    Import/Export e-mail accounts

    I'm not saying this is the case, but there are plenty of plugins/addons (Free and paid) for cpanel that a shared hosting somewhere else may have, and you may not found with a default cpanel install.
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    Using Gmail SMTP for server generated emails

    If Gmail give you that warning: 2015-10-27 15:30:18 SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To protect our users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been temporarily rate...
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    Cores VS Threads

    It is widely used that way.
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    Migrating from VPS to Dedicated, any special advice?

    If your budget allows it, choose an SSD Drive. that may give you a difference.
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    I would never, ever, ever, but, ever, EVER, recommend cPremote, worst software i have tried in my lifer, worst support team, and very rude. That's all i have to say.
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    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Many dedicated owners around :p, Santa seems to forgot about us xD
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    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Wow!, i miss my old vps's ssd with you :(, but i am happy with the dedi xP Merry Christmas to all KH Staff, and forum members, from Chile :) Remember BE SAFE!, don't drink and drive :)
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    Dns propagation

    Did your visitors tell you that they are having issues accesing your site?, or you are just trusting this "dns propagation checker tools"? Because, if you check "" or "" they also get X's .
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    Unlimited Traffic and Space

    If you go to those mentioned, like hostgator, maybe they give you "unlimited space", but you have an inodes limit, so when you reach that limit, maybe you are using 10 GB disk space. You have to look, for example, shared Hosting at Hostgator it's 3,96 /month (actually, with coupon, just 1...
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    Bug: Live Chat

    What i see a lot, is that in some pages i see the chat "Offline" and in others "online" it's like random Edit: i have opened at the same time, the forum and the homepage, and i see chat online at the forum, but offline at the homepage. Edit2: moving from the homepage, to a section, shows the...
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    Backup solutions r1soft / bacula4hosts / others

    Yep, the thing that it's actually my main concern, is for vps's with virtuozzo openvz, since they cannot use r1soft, (as they cannot use cloudlinux), so the only thing is using remote backups, wich is not a very good method. I hope r1soft improve soon, or at less, that some developer gives some...
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    Support Type offered

    I guess, i am one of the customers, that sometimes wants (needs) that KH, not only tell me what the problem/issue is, and also solve it for me (if possible). But i honestly preffer, go step by step, i mean, i have learned a lot, much more asking KH support team, than reading KB's or forums. At...
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    Just switched to KH

    That's pretty odd, i migrate sites from and to my server with KH in a daily basis, and always doing migration between 11 PM - 01 AM, and after a few hours (probably under 6-10 hours) site, mail, ftp, etc, is working at the destination server, without issue. Probably you already did, but did you...
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    Backup solutions r1soft / bacula4hosts / others

    Hi, everyone, i just wanted to know, wich solution do you use? I have a dedicated with r1soft, and my experience has been average, since i am considering getting vps's, and looking other options, i have read about bacula4hosts. Does anyone has used bacula4hosts? any feedback?. I am looking...