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    Installatron Interest?

    Installatron What did KH decide on with Installatron? Did the decide to offer it?
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    Storing credit card/sensitive data

    CC numbers on server Doesn't have anything to do with whether the web server is a VPS or dedicated server but a web server - not a good idea - should be another server on the internal domain behind a good - managed - monitored firewall. Your CC merchant account processor will likely require...
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    Older VPS (VPS-XLca) plans vs new ones and performance

    Benefits of new VPS VS2 – VS5 over older VPS-XLtx With the recently announced Holiday upgrades of the VS2 – VS5 packages – I would like a little more detailed comparison of my old VPS-XLtx package to help me determine if I should consider upgrading. All my sites are low usage – even...