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    KnownHost Releases New Website

    Yay for the switch to XenForo!
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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    I had the same issue with my account... Eventually I finally convinced KnownHost to move my account to a different server... I went from 17.00 server load spikes... to never going above 0.17 server load...
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    How to Verify Google Webmaster Tools?

    Okay... I host my site here at knownhost... my domain is registered through godaddy... How do I add a TXT record to my DNS to verify Google Webmaster Tools?
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    What version of MySQL am I running?

    cPanel and WHM say 5.1.48 However, phpMyAdmin says: Server version: 5.0.91-community MySQL client version: 4.1.22 So I'm a little confused...
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    Transfering Beta site to Live Site?

    Probably that simple? Or probably more complicated than that?
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    Transfering Beta site to Live Site?

    Okay, lets say I have a website at: (public_html/) And then I have a new version at: (public_beta/) Now, I want to move the beta website, into the main www subdomain. Would this be as simple as renaming my "public_html" folder to "public_temp"...
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    Randomly having MySQL problems...

    I think this issue may be linked to a low wait_timeout setting. How do I check what my wait_timeout setting is? Looking at phpinfo, I couldn't find the setting for this setting, however, the setting for mysql.connect_timeout is only set to 60. How do I check this setting? And how do I change...
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    Randomly having MySQL problems...

    Still having issues... I dont know if there was an SQL update, how do I check this? There was not a VB update either... it just started happening. Most of the time, my website loads in under a half a second; but yet I still get these errors. I get a TON of these errors everyday, but so far NONE...
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    awstats for everyone

    I too would like to know how to do this...
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    Randomly having MySQL problems...

    Also, I have been getting a lot of "Cron Daemon" updating scripts emails... I never got those in the past till recently.
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    Randomly having MySQL problems...

    Website has been running fine for a year now... All of a sudden, I'm getting major issues with MySQL. Normally, MySQL only consumes 20% of the resources for my website. Now whenever I check WHM (which takes forever to load), its always in the 30%+ area, and sometimes hits 40%. When this happens...
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    What is going on here?

    I get the same issues, everyday my website's load skyrockets for a short period. I sent support requests, and all I hear are "there don't appear to be any issues". Then this morning between 3:43 to 3:47 AM I got TONS of emails reporting the following: Database error in vBulletin 3.8.3...
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    Cron Daemon and chkrootkit emails nightly - do you use them?

    I have NEVER gotten these emails before... suddenly they started showing up last week... How do I get rid of them?
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    Can't Create an Addon Domain...

    I have a website at (public_html) It has its own DNS as and I just got a new domain with; this is a new website, I just dont feel the need to create a new account for it. So I want to create a simple addon with this one at...
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    How do you install XCache?

    I tried following the instructions at lighttpd before, but I was getting errors... And yes, is hosted by KnownHost.