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    any ideas for a different webmail system?

    If you want something that can be hosted on your server I use to use RoundCube. Being a PHP script it's pretty easy to install (Upload files, create database, modify configuration file to reflect database settings.), though I use Gmail to tap into my account now.
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    Most good designs are unique, but just because a design is unique it doesn't mean that it's good. You're right though, I'm new to VPS hosting and the websites that you listed do have horrid designs, I was comparing KnownHost's design to companies that focus primarily on shared hosting. A few...
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    I like it, I believe that it's better then the previous one, but I was hoping for something better design wise. In my opinion to many gradients have been used, especially on the index. A lot of the more, known hosts, have more modern designs and I believe that that attracts customers. To be...
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    Transferring Accounts From Other Hosting

    If your customers have access to cPanel's backup then everything will be retained, cPanel usernames, databases, files, everything. All that you would have to do is point their domain names at the new nameservers and you would be good to go. If cPanel backup isn't enabled then the only other...
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    VPS questions

    If you're going to purchase shared hosting you will be good to go out of the box. To transfer vBulletin all you would have to do is transfer the database and relevant files and modify the configuration file to reflect your new MySQL settings. If you will have more then 25 active users browsing...
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    In over my head already

    You could always try it locally first, I do with VMware Workstation and a CentOS 4.3 (Server edition.) virtual machine. You don't have to shell out $200 USD for VMware Workstation, VMware Player is free, you would just have to create or download virtual machine. If you just want to fool around...
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    In over my head already

    There are a couple of ways in which one can install software: 1) Use the package management tool included with your Linux distribution, CentOS uses YUM. 2) Compile the application yourself. Niether of which are terribly complicated, an afternoon of reading would make things much clearer...