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    I think that its great you are listening to all of the customers and delivering! I don't see us moving anytime! Knownhost is one of a kind Thanks Chris
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    can i install this software?

    Hello, From my experience it looks as if that script will work with a VPS. You may have to get a VPS Plan that will have enough resources to handle the script and processing. Good Luck, you will be very happy if you select knownhost! Chris
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    Cacti Monitoring software

    Thank you for the information!
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    Hello, I would recommend the IMAP webmail program called Roundcube. I have been uising it for a while and have had nothing but a good experience. Good Luck, Chris
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    Cacti Monitoring software

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to run the cacti traffic monitoring software on a reseller account? I have uploaded it and didn't seem to have the proper credentials but want to verify what i may need to do if something at all. it requires the following (or some of it)...
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    an idea so we can communicate during such a massive network outage...

    good idea! Not a bad idea. I think just having a status page with a help center may be of great assistance and possibly little to no cost association. The forum is excellent but when its down it does not good until its up. Maybe just move the forum to a backup source?? Who knows.. all i...
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    RoundCube Mail

    That is a great question. It’s possible that they may not because it’s a fairly new web mail program out there. If that is a reason to not pursue this request at this time, I definitely think its something to keep your eyes on closely. Just a side note. I have been running it for about 4-5...
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    RoundCube Mail

    I would like to suggest adding Roundcube mail to the list of webmail options in cPanel. This is being suggested for the resellers. Maybe get rid of neomail, or one if the other ones and utilize this great program. This allows HTML and is VERY user friendly. I use it on my personal domain but it...