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    Ticket Priorities / Statuses

    Fair enough, was just a suggestion hehe :) I saw JaguarPC had gone from Kayako to WHMCS recently. Well I really look forward to seeing you roll out the new Kayako version, I think it will be great!
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    Ticket Priorities / Statuses

    Ooh, I like the sound of the billing system overhaul. I'm really not a fan of the billing system at the moment (which is why I go directly to to submit tickets..). Just use WHMCS, keep things simple ;) Then you don't need to pay extra for Kayako.
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    Ticket Priorities / Statuses

    Thanks for your quick response! Upcoming revamp, ay? New version of Kayako or completely different system, or is it a secret? How long do you reckon? Your support system works fine, but I'm not a HUGE fan! :)
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    Possible Bug

    I have noticed when going to your helpdesk for the first time, it sometimes displays everything with no text. This is fixed upon a refresh or clicking view tickets.
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    Ticket Priorities / Statuses

    Hi, 1) I would recommend adding a "low" priority ticket status for customers non urgent issues. For example, general questions that aren't urgent and don't need a "guaranteed" response. 2) I would recommend adding a ticket status that's something like "Awaiting customer reply" rather than "On...
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    Error in your footer

    Hi There seems to be a slight spelling error in your footer which I picked up on. [Broken External Image]: It says "Visit out contact page". However it should be "Visit our contact page". Just a little thing which I thought I'd let you know about :) Thanks.