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    Mail Script Issues on New VPS

    Hi, khiltd, The permissions are currently 755 nobody:nobody. The script just hangs as if it is trying to connect to the mail server but never times out. Running it as root executes the script in less than a second. Thanks, Brady
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    Mail Script Issues on New VPS

    Re: Hi, Dan, Thanks for the suggestion--I checked the Apache error log but it doesn't appear to be logging the error. I ended up running the script on the command line as user 'nobody' (the same user as httpd uses) and the program just hung (same behavior as from the browser). There is a...
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    Mail Script Issues on New VPS

    Hi, I have the following issue and am wondering if someone out there may have an idea what is going on. In a nutshell, I have a new VPS on which I have a Perl script that won't run from the browser but *will* run from the command line. The script uses Mail::Sender, a common mail sending Perl...
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    VPS Performance

    I have been a KnownHost VPS customer for over a year now and have generally been pleased with the service; however, I'm running into a server performance issue and need some advice. I currently host around 12 websites, with a total of 63 mailboxes for these domains. I have 512 MB of dedicated...