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    Offloading Images with WordPress

    Been using flickr with wordpress for a long time. Works great for me and my clients.
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    Include File via URL Warnings / Errors

    Problem solved. Support turned on url includes in php.ini
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    You gotta be joking

    Having to take support request myself for my own clients, I would prefer not to have to read a book and just get to the point. If it were me I would have been more succinct and broken my request up into more manageable requests. Just sayin...:D
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    WordPress Installs II

    I've been a big fan of using sub domains. One of my main sites: Sites in development for clients: Sorry for no h t t p, I'm not currently allowed to post links?! :eek:
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    Include File via URL Warnings / Errors

    Warning: include() [function.include]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/bexis/public_html/relocation/paso_robles.htm on line 29 How can I make this go away? Details: I have a website with database and files that are shared by several other websites...
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    Web Designer looking for work

    Do you have a portfolio available? What are your skill sets? What is your forté? PHP MySQL CSS Javascript WordPress Joomla Drupal